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Sales Recruitment Guide: How To Hire Top-Performing SalesPeople

People in the business world, more specifically in the field of sales, always say that your odds of hiring top-performing salespeople are very slim. With the strong need for qualified candidates, it’s quite a tough job getting the right people for your sales environment.

But, we can always adapt to that. There are rather effective ways of keeping up with the competition.

First, let’s define what it means to be a top sales performer.

What Qualifies As A Top Sales Performer?

Top-seller traits are not always apparent at first glance, of course. Just so you know, you’re targeting about 20% of the population of people who are involved in sales, which is quite steep. Separating them from the rest of the group is a challenging task, but not impossible.

The following is a list of the characteristics observed in actual top-seller individuals:

  • The “Can-Do” attitude
  • Passionately results-oriented
  • Strong will to succeed 
  • Disciplined to achieve set goals
  • Embraces responsibilities
  • Skilled in conversing with people
  • Understands clients’ feelings
  • Communicates with honesty

These are the top eight qualities that sales recruiters can look for from the striving candidates. You don’t necessarily need people who have experience in the field. What you need to focus more on is the candidate’s motivation to excel, which is far more valuable than his or her work background. 

But first, you need to narrow down your pool of applicants. How do you do that? Sit back, and read on.

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How To Find Top Performing Salespeople

In finding the top-performing salespeople to employ in your team, your goal is to create a database of sales enthusiasts, whether they inexperienced or the longest-running sellers in the field. By doing this, you will instantly know who to hire and who your competitors will also probably hire. Remember this one significant challenge in sales recruitment: your current candidates can be your future adversaries.

So, here are the top two (2) quickest ways to search for qualified sales-driven candidates.

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Client Referrals

Reach out to your clientele because they might probably remember a name or two of the best salespeople they came across. They wouldn’t hesitate to give referrals, especially if they had a great experience with the salesperson’s performance— which only gives you the benefit of getting the right candidate for your sales team.

Customer-based ratings are strong indications of a salesperson’s competence because the work basically revolves in dealing with different kinds of people. Capturing the hearts of the customers is as good as catching income into your sales funnel.

Connect With Sales-Oriented Organizations

Building the network means connecting with the network itself.

Sales-oriented organizations are oozing with competitive individuals who are motivated to climb the business ladder in the sales field. It is a part of your job in sales recruitment to identify the traits of a phenomenal salesperson, but you don’t have to search the whole world for it. Focus on the circle, and you will eventually find that not-so-little needle from the haystack.

Using your guide above, you have an edge in identifying the people who are qualified enough to be a part of your pool of candidates.

Overcoming The Challenges in Sales Recruitment

Yes, recruiting highly-motivated and results-oriented top-sellers is not an easy task. But, as a part of the sales recruitment team, you need to be always up and ready for it. Overcome the challenge and slay the business world, one salesperson at a time.

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