Russian Scientists Use Fingerprints To Find Most Suitable Job For You

Profession teller scanner

The researchers have claimed that their system can tell aspiring candidates about their most suitable job with the help of fingerprints. The system is basically a scanner that scans the fingerprints. The researchers claim that in near future the scanner will be able to find key personality traits.

Fortune tellers used to tell the fate of someone by seeing the palms. Same sort of claim has been made by researchers in Russia who claim to have developed a system that can let users know about their ideal job. Their system can tell this information with the help of their fingerprints. The system is basically a scanner that scans the fingerprints. However, it is not confirmed whether this technology is accurate or not. But the researchers claim that in near future the scanner will be able to tell key personality traits.

The scanner was unveiled during a careers convention in a Russian city named Krasnodar. The people gathered on the convention placed their fingers and a series of sensors made calculations and they knew the jobs that suit them. Actually a database has been developed by the scientist that predicts the profession based on the fingerprint patterns. To develop the database, extensive study of employment record has been done by the researchers. In this regard, a colloborative research has been carried out between the local employer and Kuban University of Physical Education and Sports. An enthusiastic student of Mathematics said that the fingerprints have revealed that he would be an IT professional and it’s really his wish.

Fingerprints will tell the profession that suits you the most
Profession teller scanner
The Russian Researchers’ system is basically a scanner that reads the pattern on the fingers and matches them with a database that they had developed with the help of professionals
Swipe finger to know the profession you belong to
Russian researchers have claimed that their system works efficiently

On the other hands, Zara Tokareva was told to become a nurse but she is not willing to do so. She says that she is ambitious to become an interior designer and faints at the blood sight. She is really upset and sees it as a useless technology. The process of fingerprint scanning is called dactyloscopy and involves the comparison of two instances of friction ridge skin. According to the scientists, the fingerprints have enjoyed a lot of scope in detecting crimes but they have more to offer for example personality analysis and drug abuse detection.

It is not a new concept as fortune tellers have been performing the same job since hundreds of tears. They are telling the personality and fortune by reading palms. So, it is a new technology version of an old concept. Let us see how do people take it further.