Forget Plastic Razors As Paper Cut Razors Can Make Shave Effectively

Nadeem Haidary paper cut razor

A designer from San Francisco has designed a paper cut for the shaving purposes. The paper can be used in place of razors one day. Basically the idea is conceived from the water resistant sheet of paper.

Nobody would have thought that Paper cut would be so efficient one day to be used as a razor. But now a designer named Nadeem Haidary from San Francisco has given the concept to use paper cut for the shaving purposes. The paper could be used in place of razors one day. The designer is confident that origami razor have tendency to replace the blades for sure. He has written on his website that paper cut razor is a seemingly outrageous idea but indeed can be a reality. Basically it is conceived from the water resistant sheet of paper.

The paper cut has basically three slits. The razor will be marketed as a flat pack but the customers will have to fold it to use it. The razor is easier to recycle as compared with the plastic razor because of its paper nature. This multi-blade razor razor is fully functional product. One of the important advantages of this razor is its recyclability, as it is made using water-resistant paper.

Nadeem Haidary paper cut razor
Paper Cut razors will be used for shaving one day, the designer Nadeem Haidary claims
Bladeless razor
The paper cut razors are made from water-resistant paper and can be recycled easily
Paper cut razor
Nadeem Haidary has also made couple of other things with paper such as glasses and scissors
Paper cut razors
The razor made by the Francisco based designer is really amazing 

Haidary has also made few other products with paper such as glasses, toothbrushes and scissors. Although the design is an idea but it has enough potential to go into the market. An animation has also been made by Mr. Haidary which shows how to put the paper origami design into use. The idea is tremendous and possesses enough potential to replace the traditional razors. However, work is required to put the idea in the form of a marketable product.