Sensors on the tank

PL-0 : A Futuristic Stealth Tank Can Camouflage Itself As A Car

Camouflage is an old technique used by warriors to deceive the enemies. It has been used for many years due to its effectiveness. A polish company has developed a new kind of camouflage technique by changing the thermal signature of the tank when observed through infrared or thermal sensors. In fact, the tank is covered with numerous special type of smart tiles. With the push of a button the temperature of these tiles can be varied and the tank’s thermal signature can be changed into a Car. These tiles are hexagonal shaped and completely cover the tank. They are also not very heavy as this tank, named as PL-01, has a total weight of 35 tonnes.

It works by eliminating the radar, infrared and signature of a conventional tank. This disguising tank has been designed and made by Obrum and BAE. The stealth property is only due to these tiles which can control the temperature of the tank. The tanks hides itself by achieving an ambient temperature in the battlefield  heat sensors won’t be able to get its image.


Stealth tank
Polish Made Stealth Tank has Capability to Disguise as a Car
Polish made tank
PL-01 Tank
equipped with deadly weapons
It is Armed with All the Latest Weapons from Gun to Missiles

The tank has a capacity of three men. It is seven meters long and expected to enter the battlefield as a warrior by 2018. The tank has also the capability to merge itself in the background. It is done via the heat sensors located on the sides of the tank, the readings from these sensors are then used to make such a thermal signature, using temperature control of the tiles, that the thermal signature blends wholly with the background.

PL-01-A Futuristic Stealth Tank Can Camouflage Itself As A Car-

Thermal Image: The tank Specially designed Tiles can Make it appear as a Car

Stealth tank
Stealth Tank is Covered with Special Made Tiles Whose Temperature Is Varied To Change Tank’s Thermal Signature

Tank is loaded with a plenty of deadly weapons. It can even be equipped with the missiles. It is equipped with radar sensors which help the tank in deflecting radar and to hide itself.