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Spyier – Best Spy App for Android 2020

Sometimes, you are left with no option but to spy on your family. It’s painful and risky, we get it. Risky because if they find out you’re keeping an eye on their activities, your relationship with them gets tarnished. And painful because what if you find out something you wish you hadn’t?

But finding out what your child or partner does on their phones all day, who they talk to, where they go, what they browse online, is essential to make sure they’re away from trouble and aren’t involved in negative habits.

So how do you spy on them without letting them know? Well, we’ve got an awesome solution!

In this post, we’re unveiling an app which will allow you to conduct 24×7 monitoring of your family’s cell phones in the most secretive way possible. Read on to find out more.

Why Spy on Someone else’s Android device?

After conducting thousands of interviews with home users, we’ve identified the following scenarios as the primary reasons someone would want to spy on their own family:

  • To keep an eye on their teenage child’s conversations with his/her friends, and the activity he/she engages in on social media (including exchange of texts and files)
  • To monitor what their toddler watches on the Internet when they’re not around so that they can curb bad habits from developing at the source
  • To find out who their spouse talks to and texts at odd hours and what kind of content they watch online (this can especially help uncover ill-habits and wrong addictions)
  • To know if their family is being targeted by online predators into doing unacceptable things so that they can intervene and help them out

If you agree with these situations and fear they may happen to your family too, make sure you read this article to know about the best spy app for Android.

Now that we’ve laid the premise of our discussion here, let’s introduce you to the magic app we’ve been talking about. This app goes by the name Spyier and trust us when we say this, Spyier is the only Android spy app you’ll EVER need.

Let us show you why.

1.1 Spyier – Android Spy App That Stands Out

Spyier is the most trustworthy and covert phone monitoring application that you’ll ever come across. The primary strength of the app lies in the fact that it doesn’t make you tamper with the target device or your own device, and works stealthily to achieve remote phone monitoring round the clock.

Spyier quietly runs on the target device recording all activity that happens on it without the knowledge of the device owner. The collected data is then sent to an online dashboard which you can access after you’ve registered. To log into the dashboard you can use ANY web-browser, be it mobile or desktop.

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Since you don’t need to be in close proximity of the device after setup, there’s no intervention needed on your part to continuously monitor the target device. You don’t need to perform any human verification or engage in surveys to work with Spyier. The app is extremely straightforward to operate even for people who have no technical expertise.

1.2 Setting-up Spyier on Android is extremely easy

Spyier works smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms, but the set up for both operating systems differs slightly. Here, we are discussing how you can easily set up and configure the app on Android.

To configure Spyier on Android, a lightweight app needs to be installed on the target device. It occupies less than 3M of disk space and runs inconspicuously in the background without consuming much battery and resources, and thus, it doesn’t get flagged.

Also, after you’ve installed Spyier on the target Android device, the app’s icon can be hidden from the app drawer with a single click to give the impression that there’s nothing additional installed on there. It can just as easily be uninstalled with a single click.

Now if you’re wondering how you will achieve Spyier installation on the target device without raising your family’s suspicions, well my friend, this is just something you will have to pull off as smartly as possible. Maybe you could do it when they’re asleep!

And don’t worry, installing the app on the device doesn’t mean the device’s security will be compromised in any way. You won’t have to root the device or give Spyier any special permission to work and the app won’t be able to access the personal data stored on the device so there’s no chance of a data theft.

You should also know that installation is necessary for all Android phone monitoring apps. That’s just how Android phone monitoring works. So if you come across an app that claims to give you access to another Android device’s data without installation, you should know that it’s most definitely a fake.

Follow these steps to configure Spyier on Android:

Step 1 Create a free Spyier account and purchase one of the several subscription plans available. You can use your email ID as a username and pick a plan depending on how many devices you need to monitor.

spyier sign up

Step 2 Next, you’ll be asked to specify the target OS. Here, you’ll need to pick Android. After this you will receive an email with the download link and installation instructions on the ID you provided during registration.

spyier select device

Step 3 Finally, you’ll need to hit “Start” on the finish installation screen to kick-start remote phone monitoring. And that’s it! That’s how simple it is.

spyier finish installation

1.3 Why You Can Trust Spyier

Probably the only praise Spyier needs is a mention of the fact that it is accepted globally by millions of users across 190+ countries in the world. Even corporate giants like The Verge, Android Authority, CNET, and Life Hacker claim that Spyier is the best phone monitoring app ever designed.

Apart from that, Spyier is different from the other bogus apps floating around in the fact that it is developed using cutting-edge tech by some of the best software-architects who’ve kept user-friendliness and data privacy at the forefront.

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The app offers you access to 35+ handy features, and that too, with a single subscription purchase which is very nominal. To add to all of that, Spyier also offers a free live demo so that you can get a feel of its working before putting money on the line.

What more would one need!

Wrapping it up

Spying on someone doesn’t always have to be for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, your intentions can be to protect your loved ones from trouble. With a phone tracking solution as adept as Spyier, you can say goodbye to worries about your family’s online safety.