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How much does a good mattress cost?


Mattress industry is using the latest technologies to manufacture better mattresses loaded with advanced features that can better our sleep experience. With the advent of online stores, the mattress industry has made it easy for you to explore the options and decide what is the best mattress for you and fits your budget.

The “bed-in-a-box” strategy in the market is growing with every passing year. Exploring through the mattress stores, online or departmental one in your vicinity can be tedious and may get confusing and you can’t decide which one is the best that fits your budget.

Here is a guide that may help you to figure out what factors influence the cost of a mattress and depending on your sleep needs, you should be able to pick the best one.

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How much does a good mattress cost?

Mattresses can cost from $150 to $5,000+. Expensive ones are not always the best ones and some cheap ones may be made from toxic materials, so you need to check all the details before deciding which one suits your sleep needs.


The main factors that influence the cost of a mattress are the type of materials used and the size of the mattress.

Innerspring Mattress: It can cost between $300 and $3,000, an average cost around $900 for a Queen-size bed.

Latex: It can cost between $1,500 and $4,000, an average cost around $2,000 for a Queen-size bed.

Memory foam: It can cost between $600 and $4,000, an average cost around $1,000 for a Queen-size bed.

Hybrid: It can cost between $1,200 and $2,000, an average cost around $1,500 for a Queen-size bed

Airbed: It can cost between $1,500 and $4,000, an average cost around $2,000 for a Queen-sized bed.

What Impacts The Cost Of Each Mattress Type?

Here are the factors that impact the cost of each mattress type.

Innerspring Mattress

Durability: Durability and how long the innerspring mattress can last is the key factor that impacts the cost of an innerspring bed. The cheap ones will usually last for 3 to 5 years, whereas expensive ones may last 8-10 years. The durability of the innerspring mattress depends on the quality and sturdiness of the coils used.


Coil count: Higher the count of coils in an innerspring mattress, better support it can provide to the human body. The cost is going to increase with the increase in the number of coils used in the innerspring mattress.

Coil Gauge: Depending on the thickness of coils used in the mattress, the cost gets impacted. Innerspring mattresses that have high-gauge coils give spring and soft feel whereas, innerspring mattresses that use low-gauge coils give a firm and hard feel.

Pocketed coils: Some advanced innerspring mattresses come with pocketed coils. To reduce the motion transfer and noise, each of the coils is wrapped in a fabric that increases the cost of an innerspring mattress.

Latex Mattress

Natural vs synthetic latex: Depending on the type of latex used can alter the price of latex mattress. The ones that have natural latex are costlier than the ones that have synthetic latex. Natural latex comes from rubber trees whereas synthetic ones come from man made chemicals. Cheap latex mattresses may use the toxic material and should be avoided.

Manufacturing process: The synthetic latex can be made by following two different processes, Dunlop process or Talalay process. Latex made using the Dunlop process is heavier and denser than the one made by using the Talalay process. Talalay latex is less dense and suitable for adding support layers as it provides better cushioning. Talalay latex mattresses are costlier than Dunlop latex mattresses.

Number of layers used: Another factor that impacts the cost of latex mattresses is the number of layers it has. The more number of layers means the mattress is going to cost more.

Memory Foam Mattress

Foam type: Foam mattress can be made either by using memory foam or polyfoam. Memory foam is made by adding chemicals to polyfoam and increasing its density and viscosity. Memory foam mattresses are costlier than polyfoam mattresses.

Foam density: The cost of memory foam mattress is impacted by the type of foam used, high density or low density. High-density foam reclaims its shape faster than low-density foam. High-density foam mattresses usually last longer than low-density foam mattresses. High-density foam mattresses are costlier than low-density foam ones.

Airflow: Some manufacturers use convoluted design in making memory foam mattresses. This design provides more breathability and regulates airflow so that you sleep cool. These foam mattresses are costlier than the standard ones.

Hybrid Mattress

Type of foam and latex used: The type of foam and latex used in making hybrid mattresses will impact the cost of a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses that are made using natural latex and memory foam are costlier than the ones made by using other combinations of latex types and foam types. Hybrid mattresses with additional cooling features are going to increase the cost.

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Number of layers: Different mattresses manufacturers add a different number of layers to the mattress. The more the number of layers, the costlier the mattress is going to be.

Quality of coils: Hybrid mattresses that use micro-coils instead of ordinary mattress coils are costlier. Micro-coils provide more flexibility and conforming abilities to a mattress.

Other Factors That Impact Mattress Cost

Several other factors impact the cost of a mattress in addition to the type of material used to make the mattress and its size.

Here are some additional things to consider when it comes to the final price of your bed:

Shipping costs: Most of the sellers provide free delivery and some may charge a shipping fee. For shipping mattresses to US territories like Hawaii and Alaska, and Canada you may have to pay a shipping fee. Shipping fee can be around $100 or more.

Returns: Most of the online sellers allow customers a free trial period of 80-100 days to test the mattress. If you don’t find the mattress suits your sleep needs then you might have to pay a fee for returning the mattress. Some of these online stores charge shipping and handling fees for these trial periods. You should check the details in company policy before buying a new mattress.

White Glove Delivery: Most of the mattress manufacturers offer “White Glove Delivery”. This includes removing your old mattress and assembling your new mattress. It also includes packing and disposing of the waste that may get collected while removing the old mattress. This service is chargeable and can cost $99 or more.


On average, $1200 should be able to get you a very good mattress that will improve the quality of your sleep. If you have more money to spend then you can go for the mattresses that are luxurious and have more advanced features. You need to spend some time and effort to explore before you buy what is the right mattress for you and also fits in your budget.