Meet Lili: A Robotic Lamp That Has Sentiments

Meet Lili: A Robotic Lamp That Has Sentiments-1

Lili is a smart lamp that can autonomously light up a room according to the changing times of the day and its environment. It can also communicate with you when you are near the lamp. Of course, this lamp will light up your life. 

The era when a lamp was a gloomy and dull device that you could control via a switch, is over. Thanks to the Lili, illuminating your room will become a rather sentimental thing. This clever little lamp, with a quite aesthetic design, can operate autonomoulsy and without a switch. In fact, the lamp is equipped with an Adruino Board that acts as the brain of the lamp. It knows when you came into the toom, and when and how it needs to light up. Its designer Johan Berger, the French engineer and artist, has replaced the bulb with an LED screen which shows multiple colors along withh beautiful happy icons. Once it is dark, Lili wakes up to light up the room. When you pass by it, it looks with its small eyes at you just like it requires a caressing. And if you move too far, it spontaneously goes into “off” mode until its master is back. And again it changes its visual effects to create lots of beautiful colorful animations … Warning: Lili is jealous! So do not use a Neon lamp in its promixity! Since you it has tender feelings… See the video below for more details:

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Meet Lili: A Robotic Lamp That Has Sentiments-

Meet Lili: A Robotic Lamp That Has Sentiments-2

We are really impressed by this cute invention and would like to use one for ourselves. Would you also like to use Lili?