Kano Kit: Make Your Own Computer With Legos In Just $99

Kano Kit: Make Your Own Computer With Legos In Just $99-

The computer Kano had one of the most successful crowd sourcing campaigns on the Kickstarter, The Kano computer kit will be officially launched next month. Using this kit you can assemble your own low cost computer in just $99.

Do you like Legos? Then you would definitely love Kano! Kano is a computer kit designed by two Americans from Lego parts and it is quite easy to assemble. But it outperforms the simple Lego toys by far. Delivered in pieces and having open source software, it allows you to fully understand the design of a computer and customise it according to your own taste. You even do not need to be an engineer or a a geek, as its assembly is very simple and perfectly playful. Even the people without scienctific education can assemble it. Kano wants to give a new dimension to the computer tech market, currently shaped by the big computer giants. According to the makers of Kano, it is for “anyone who wants to create with technology – not just consume it.” Last year, Kano made history at Kickstarter by raising $1.5 million in 30 days. The good news of the day: the first deliveries are scheduled for next month! See the video below for more details:

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We are really impressed by this low cost Do-It-Yourself computer kit. We hope that such initiatives will specially help the developing countries to increase computer literacy. Would you like to try Kano kit to build your own computer?