Incredible!!! Make A Fully Functional Speaker With Just An A4 Size Paper

Make A Fully Functional Speaker With Just An A4 Sheet-

Considering that most of our daily life electronics are too complicated, the designer C.Gourguecho has tried to simplify designing these devices by making them from paper. Crazy though but still it works.

Many of you will admit that all the hi-fi systems have many functionalities and that you only use some of them. The French designer Coralie Gourguechon offers us an alternative to all these ultra-complex electronic devices. Many of the functionlities are only meant for marketing the product. The solution offered is the use of Paper Technology“. Latest addition to the family of such simplistic devices is a sheet of A4 paper that has been converted into a speaker. Thanks to the conducting ink markers, you can yourself draw the circuit intuitively and autonomously. Though for the moment,  the concept is still a prototype, yet it provides us with first conclusive results that we can try even more ambitious and creative ideas. It is even possible that a large open database is created, allowing just anyone to print and assemble electronic products at home. A revolution in the field of electronic equipment may be in the making, perhaps each one of us will make an electronic device at home, according to his needs, and independently. Demonstration in the video:

We are really impressed by this simple yet handy device. Would you like to make any other electronic device using paper?