digital marketing

Is there mileage to be had from taking your business onto the internet?

People who have been in business for a long time will often ask if it is worth creating a digital platform for themselves. It is a good question to ask, especially if the company is a small one-person operation that is very locally focused. The truth here is that community newspapers may be the way to go. But even having said that there are advantages to going digital. The internet doesn’t just have to be for multinationals and companies with big budgets. There are plenty of advantages to be had for everyone, you just must know what to do and where to do it. Here are a few tips to help you with the process.

Market size

One of the first and most obvious things that will happen when you put yourself online is that the size of your potential market will increase massively. Where once you were a small, local business offering services to a limited community, now you have the ability to reach the whole world. There could be huge advantages to this or none – depending entirely on what you sell. But even if there are big advantages, you then need to make sure that you can be discovered by the right people in this enormous potential market place. The way to do this is to find an eCommerce SEO agency and get them to start working on your project. There could be huge benefits and revenues to be had.

The world’s biggest directory

If you are on the internet you can be discovered by anyone. In short, the internet is like a phone book. Only where phone books list numbers in certain areas, the internet is a listing of almost every business in the world. And it is important to be here because there are very few people who bother with a Yellow Pages or Directory enquiries these days when it comes to finding the service they need. They simply type what they need into Google and go with whatever is returned. It is for this reason that you should at the very least have a basic one-page website, and then, even more importantly, why you should work with a company offering SEO services Sydney has plenty.

Know your product

If you have been in business for a while, then you will know what angle to take with regard to getting online. A smallish second-hand bookseller could do well in the online space. Books, especially rare ones and first editions are sought after and collected. They are easily posted, and you can increase your potential base of buyers massively by being online. A butchery, on the other hand, might just need a one-page brochure site with your name, address and contact details.

Use what is out there

You don’t necessarily need to go the whole hog and develop a website. Maybe a good place to start is on a platform like Facebook. You can create a business page and promote your services and wares from there. This can be a good avenue if you are small and aligned with a community – especially if that community has its own page and people. It can be a great way to get your message out there.