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People who have been in business for a long time will often ask if it is worth creating a digital platform for themselves. It is a good question to ask, especially if the company is a small one-person operation that [...]

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If you have been in business for a long time, you’ll know that you are constantly having to change and adapt your business model and marketing campaigns in order to stay current and up to date with the times. It is [...]

6 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business-

Small business owners are always up against at least two challenges. The first one is the obvious mission of getting their business right and succeeding in the competitive world of today. The second is the unsung crusade they’re forced to [...]

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“High performing marketing is dictated by how well you connect with your audience. Focus on Connection!” - Stacey Kehoe The practicalities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are currently being adopted by the global community. According to, the latest worldwide statistics [...]

video Conferencing solution for business

A video conference service can serve your business in a variety of ways, from conducting interviews to entire meetings entirely in a digital environment. There are hundreds of video conferencing services out there, as standalone programs or as additional features [...]

new business ideas

Starting a new business isn’t easy. You have a lot to think about, from how you’re going to create your product, to where you’re going to be located, to how you’ll attract customers. What makes this process even harder is [...]

Top 10 Free Mobile Apps For Students To Better Organize Daily Life-

Everybody loves travelling to new places and seeing new things but when it comes to travelling for work, it is a whole new ballgame altogether. While there is definitely a pleasure involved, it also has a lot more than that. [...]

6 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business-

Working for someone else can be a chore. Perhaps the daily 9-5 grind has got you down, you’re unfulfilled in your current role and see no way out, or you’re fed up working for an organisation that you have no [...]

Many merchants who bring their businesses with them wherever they go share the same concern: how can they collect customer payments on service calls or at shows and fairs without having to take only cash? Fortunately, there has been a [...]

Linemen cutting

There is no doubt on the internet that you can find plenty of information about lineman cutting tools, but in this article, we will attempt to give you all of the information that you really need that will help you [...]

software development trends

Technological innovations are no longer limited to the Marvel and DC Universe. Batman and Ironman are not the only ones with cool gadgets these days. Technology has finally surpassed the barrier of comic books and animated movies, eventually becoming a [...]

FPGA programing

You have to plan an advanced circuit, yet you are uncertain about whether to pick CPU programming versus Field Programming Gate Arrays(FPGA). At times, you can actualize precisely the same usefulness utilizing a CPU or an FPGA the Main difference [...]

Wordpress- removal of images from google index problem With Imaguard wordpress plugin

One of the reasons why WooCommerce has become so increasingly popular is because it boasts such a long list of extensions. Ultimately this means much more flexibility empowering you to create the perfect store for your niche. Though, where do [...]

800px IPCorder NVR with cameras

Though common, DVR (digital video recorders) and NVR (network video recorders) systems are increasingly considered outdated technology, introducing unnecessary risks when used in modern surveillance systems.  While DVRs use coaxial cables to connect to surveillance cameras, their more modern counterparts, [...]


To spy on a cell phone without having it is possible via a spy app. As most Hollywood movies suggest, spying on a cell phone remotely is possible. There are multiple reasons you may want to spy on a phone [...]

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