[Infographics] 12 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives

Indeed, the scientific advances we are seeing today are unprecedented in the human history. However, not all these technologies will be implemented in everyday life. To make the life easier for us, the Mckinsey Global Institute in one of its recent reports has listed 12 such revolutionary technologies that have the potential to change the way we live.

Among them is mobile technology, in 1975 a supercomputer costing $5million had the same performance as an iPhone4 that just costs $400.  With the advent of internet of things, we can see an explosive increase in the data generated by devices connected to the internet. Cloud technology can revolutionize the way information is stored on web servers by reducing cost and increasing reliability. Due to the trend of unprecedented 170% increase in the sales of manufacturing robots between 2009 and 2011, it is expected that 320 million manufacturing jobs may be affected by this automation. Autonomous vehicles may be the future of the automation industry as the Google trials of its driverless car prove its reliability. To discover the detailed information about these technologies see the infographics (courtesy Daniel Tay) below: