How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having it

To spy on a cell phone without having it is possible via a spy app. As most Hollywood movies suggest, spying on a cell phone remotely is possible. There are multiple reasons you may want to spy on a phone without having it.

Often, parents use phone surveillance apps to spy on their children. To keep tabs on what kids are doing online, parents prefer to do so discreetly. Also, businesses use phone spy apps to control the actions of their employees.

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For companies, this is important to keep employees in the workplace and know if they share company secrets. Cell phone surveillance apps offer individuals and companies a convenient way of spying on a target device.

Cocospy is one of the most reputable cell phone spy apps. In this article, we will show how you can spy on a phone without having it.

Cocospy – Your Best Bet for Phone Surveillance

Cocospy is the most secure and invisible app that can spy on iOS and Android smartphone. Besides, it is very easy to spy on the target using Cocospy.

This spy app allows you to realize your goal of spying on a phone without having it. The app lets you spy on the target remotely and even see everything on the target phone.


It is no wonder the app has attracted millions of customers across the world. Also, it has one of the best customer approval ratings of any phone spy application.

The app is equipped with multiple spy features that make spying on a phone much easier. This feature-rich, spy app has gained the attention of media outlets such as Forbes.

Developers at Cocospy have done a great job of creating a spy app that requires little input from the user. One of the many advantages of using Cocospy is that no rooting or jailbreaking the target phone is required.

You can spy on the target using cell phone spy software without having it.

What Cocospy has in store

Cocospy lets you spy on virtually every area of the target phone. For instance, you can spy on everything ranging from location to all keystrokes on the target device.

Below are some of the amazing features you can use to spy on your target cell phone.

1. Spy on a cell phone remotely

Cocospy lets you spy on a cell phone remotely and discreetly. The app allows you to spy on the target phone via a web browser. To do so, you need to log in to your Cocospy dashboard.

The app eradicates any installation on your end to be able to spy on your target. It lets you use any web browser to spy on virtually all areas of the target phone.

The only thing you need is access to an internet-enabled device and internet access to spy remotely. So, the app lets you spy on a cell phone at your own convenient time.

This ensures you won’t have to keep on checking on the target device.

2. Spy on very minute details

Cocospy is a true spy app that lets you spy on even very minute information on the target. For instance, the app lets you spy on your target phone’s address book entries, emails, and call list.

Also, it can spy on events’ in the target’s cell phone.

3. SMS and social media spy

Cocospy not only lets you spy on text messages on the target but also deleted text messages. The app can record and send all the SMS on the target to Cocospy servers.

Here, you will be able to access every text message on the target even the deleted text messages. Also, Cocospy lets you spy on chats on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

With its built-in keylogger, Cocospy can record and sort all keystrokes depending on the app. Access to the log file lets you spy on the send or even the compiled ones that were not sent.

4. Safe

Since Cocospy does not require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices, it makes the app very secure. Most spy apps require rooting or jailbreaking target phone for them to work.

Rooting or jailbreaking a phone compromises its security leaving it vulnerable to malware and hacking. Cocospy developers have achieved this milestone through the use of cutting-edge technology.

5. Works in total stealth

All the activities involved in spying on the target take place in total stealth. On iOS devices, no installation is required on the target device. You only have to provide the iCloud credential of the target.

What’s more, Cocospy works in the background, which ensures it does not interfere with the performance of the target phone.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having it Using Cocospy

As established, Cocospy lets you spy on devices running on iOS and Android. To Spy on a cell phone remotely using Cocospy, follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: First, sign up for a Cocospy account. To do so, visit the official Cocospy website and create an account.

Cocospy sign up1

Subscribe to a package that suits your surveillance needs.

Step 2: Setup Cocospy on the target device.

a) For the iOS-based device, you need to provide the iCloud credentials of the device. Provide them and verify.

Cocospy sign up2

b) If the target phone runs on Android, you will need physical access to download and install the app. The app is just 2 MB and installation will take no more than 5 minutes.

After installation, the app will automatically delete the icon. Also, the app will disguise itself in the installed apps.

Step 3: The setup wizard will take you through the installation process. After setting everything up, you will be prompted to click Start to finish the installation.

Cocospy signup finish

Step 4: Log in to your Cocospy dashboard. In the dashboard, scroll on the left panel to choose what you want to spy.

Cocospy screenshot

Here, you can virtually access all the apps. The app lets you spy on everything from keystrokes on the target device to the location and social media apps.


Cocospy is the best spy app for spying on a cell phone without accessing it. Not only will it let you spy on social media apps, but you will also spy on the target location.

What’s more, all the surveillance activities take place discreetly. Cocospy is your best bet if you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable spy app. The app’s surveillance capabilities make it standout from other spy apps.