Airport parking

Easy Parking and More With the Way App

Finding parking doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the Way app, you can say goodbye to endless circling and searching, and say hello to easy, stress-free parking. You can also find entertainment, food, and more with the tap of a finger. Check out some of the benefits:

Easy Parking

Hunting for parking at the end of a commute can take as long as the drive itself. What if you had all of the available parking spots right there in the palm of your hand. With the Way app, you can scroll and swipe your way to the perfect parking spot.

All you have to do is enter the location you want to search and when you think you’ll be parking. Then the app searches that entire area for you, making a tiresome job easy.

You Have Options

With the Way app, you can choose to search according to the timeline of your choice:

  • Monthly. You can choose to look for parking facilities that allow you to keep your car there for months at a time, saving hard-earned money.
  • Hourly. If you’re going to be in and out, you can narrow your search to include hourly options.
  • Airport. Flying somewhere? Find the best options in airport parking with the Way app. You just enter the airport and the app does the rest, showing you all of your parking options for that airport.

For example, if you’re going to Logan Airport in Boston, just enter “BOS” and the app will scour the area for parking lots that can accommodate your needs. You can then decide which option offers the best deal.

Save Money

Typically, when you are choosing where to park, you either have to settle for lots and garages you happen to drive by. Most people don’t have time to drive to several options and select the best deal. With the Way app, you are given all of your options at once. That gives you the power to pick the best deal.

You may be able to save by parking slightly farther away. Or perhaps a lot farther away offers a shuttle service while another one that’s closer doesn’t. You can see your options inside the app, and pick the best deal possible.

More Than Just Parking

The Way app gives you access to all the city has to offer like never before. Instead of fumbling through Google trying to find what to do and where, your favorite activities are all at your fingertips. You can search through places to catch a movie, events in the city, places to eat, and other activities. You can then figure out the best way to get there with the transit-searching feature.

The app saves you even more money with the Meal Plans feature. Choose any of the participating restaurants for your area or your destination, and enjoy the savings. You can even skip to the front of the line and be eating in a fraction of the time it would normally take to dine.

With the Way app, it’s all about access and convenience. Save time and money as you hold the city in the palm of your hand.