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How Modern Technology Is Changing Small Businesses

Small business owners are always up against at least two challenges. The first one is the obvious mission of getting their business right and succeeding in the competitive world of today. The second is the unsung crusade they’re forced to partake in – keeping in touch with all the technological advances and extending their knowledge. Success in either one of these battlefields is by no means easy to achieve.

Alas, such is the reality of modern times. But for those who are willing to adapt, change is synonymous to opportunity. Without delving in too deep in the philosophical aspects of it, let’s focus on the areas of change instead.

The availability of mobile devices

Decades ago, you could only fantasize about carrying a computer in your back pocket. Fast forward to current times, and this is an essential part of our lives. It’;s so natural, that we never even think about it. Nonetheless, mobile device manufacturers are constantly improving upon the concept. They are making sure that our smartphones become the powerhouses they have the potential to be. Add in the mobile apps you can install with a tap of the screen, and you’ve gained access to some of the most revolutionary tools to transform your business with.

Targeted ads

Remember the old times when posting a newspaper ad or a few-second ad on the radio was a thing? Technically, this is still something you could do, but why not take advantage of the modern search advertising opportunities? Services like Google Ads enable you to track every single view and click you get. Better yet, you no longer have to market your specifically-tailored products and services to a wide audience, hoping to get someone interested. You can now set the ads to trigger when people input specific keywords only, thus ensuring that you’re spending your budget on those who are the most interested in your products and services from the get-go.

Information has become an invaluable commodity

Think about usernames, passwords, financial, and contact information of your customers. Businesses are constantly faced with the problem of staying compliant with the regulations and how to keep all this data safe from cybercriminals. This requires a whole separate article to cover with the amount of attention it deserves, but roughly speaking, about half of the equation is being familiar with the threats, and the other half is knowing the tools you need to stand your own against them.

Make sure to shop around for the best software, though. Customer’s trust is everything to a business. A data breach could, and often does, ruin a company. VPNs are one of the most useful cybersecurity tools out there. But finding a good provider can be challenging. Try a few free trials and see which ones work best. Perform a DNS leak test, Google “What is my IP” (or click here to find out) to see if it’s changed, talk with their customer support, and make your choice.

Additionally, look into antivirus software, anti-malware, encryption, and other similar solutions. They are all essential if any part of your business is conducted online.

Society is embracing technology

Being able to revolutionize the way you do business on a technical level is one thing. No one is denying the cost-optimization and convenience benefits this brings. But given the fact that society is starting to embrace technology as a whole, this means there are more opportunities for clients to find you. When people are browsing the web, no one is labeling them as geeks anymore. It’s become an integrated way of living.

Productivity is reaching sky-high potential

Everybody knows that increasing productivity is key if improving your bottom line is one of your goals (and you’d be lying to claim that it isn’t). And yes, that’s an app for that too, thousands of them. There’s no need to use it if you don’t want to, but the great thing is that the option is there for those who prefer doing things the digital way.

International collaboration

Did you know that the freelance economy has exploded in 2019? Now that outsourcing is not only possible but the norm, physical location is no longer a boundary when it comes to work and collaboration on an international level. This allows small business owners to seek help from where it’s most needed and suitable. If your local area is lacking the experts you need to run your business to its maximum potential, what’s stopping you from reaching across the borders?


The world of business keeps evolving, and technology accompanies it every step of the way. Are you ready to face the challenges to reach the success your business deserves?