DJI phantom goes fishing-

For The First Time A Drone Goes Fishing (Video)

We already knew about the types of fishing using spear or fishing net or using the dynamite etcBut fishing using drone is the very first of its kind. Check out this new technique in this unusual video.

When the team amateur fishers, Sebastian and Nick Zimmerhackl Trian installed a fishing line on their drone, they could not have predicted if their concept will work or not. After plunging the line for a few moments in the sea, they were quite surprised to see a fish hanging by the fishing line.


DJI phantom goes fishing-

via Lee Flicker

It is with DJI a Phantom drone that these fishing apprentices managed to achieve this feat. Beyond spy drones or military applications, one wonders if, in the future, they could participate in hunting, fishing or monitoring of the wildlife. Perhps it is possible that one day with a little optimization and customization of these drones they will become the best friend of the fishermen or hunters.

We are really surprised by this new innovation. We already know about the everyday uses of the drones to walk a dog or deliver parcels but this new use of drone is quite interesting. Would you like to go fishing using a drone?