Foodini-3D printer To Make Food With Nutritious And Fresh Ingredients-

Foodini-A 3D printer To Make Nutritious And Fresh Food For You (Video)

In our previous articles we had described some of the marvels of the 3D printing like it can be used to print pizza for the astronaut in space, as well as, you can have a printed chocolate model of your face. Now, we introduce to you Foodini, the world’s first 3D printer to serve you food with nutritious and fresh food.

The working principle of Foodini is quite simple. First of all you create your recipe in the 3D printer. Then you put the fresh ingredients for the recipe into Foodini as capsules. In the next step you use the printer touch screen to give the final touches to the layout and shape of your food. Then press the print button after sometime your food will be ready. There will be one additional step of putting your food into an oven or a microwave, if required. Otherwise, it is ready for consumption. It is also planned that Foodini will have a dedicated website to download the recipes.

Foodini-A 3D printer To Make Nutritious And Fresh Food For You-

Foodini-A 3D printer To Make Nutritious And Fresh Food For You-1

The possibilities with this new printer are limitless. The restaurants can use it to make a variety of creative new foods in a very short time. You can also use it in your home to make different dishes for you. For example, on special occasions like valentine’s day you can make heart shaped cookies, ready to be cooked in the oven. Similarly, you can make custom cakes for birthdays and as gifts. 

Currently, Foodini is in the prototype stage. The designers of Foodini have launched a crowd funding campaign on the Kickstarter website. Their target is to collect is to reach an amount of $100,000 goal. In order, to get a 3D printer for your own you will have to contribute $999. A bit expensive, but not bad when you consider the fact that retail price of Foodini is around $1300.