Exoskeleton Gives Superhuman Power To Firefighters

it weighs 23kg

Each year about 15,500 buildings catch fire causing deaths of up to 60 innocents and injuring up to 930 with a yearly loss of US$ 252. To help the firefighters, a new exoskeleton has been developed which will transform them into superhumans. The exoskeleton can easily be worn over normal clothes of firefighter and is able to carry a weight of 91kg.

To help the firefighters, a new exoskeleton has been developed that is able to make them superhumans. With this new skeleton, in case of emergency, the firefighters are easily able to evacuate the wounded and other victims. The newly made exoskeleton is able to carry heavy fire equipment inside the burning buildings. Numerous gadgets can be mounted on the skeleton for different purposes for example high pressured water hose. You need not to worry about problem of handling all these gadgets as they can easily be clipped with your suit. The specially designed suit has the ability to carry weights of up to 91 kg with ease.

New suit for firefighters
New Exo-skeleton to help fire-fighters in emergency cases
it weighs 23kg
Weighing 23 kg, it can hold multiple accessories with it like pressurized water hose

According to Ken chen, the designer, in the urban fire scenarios often people get trapped in the upper floors of high-rise buildings, mostly which are beyond the reach of ladders or elevating platforms. In such case, the exoskeleton can be of help as an additional strap has been added to increase the firefighters’ strength to climb the high-rise buildings.

firefighter's new suit gives them superman's powers
firefighters can unload the accessories which lessen their burden
Exoskeleton to enhance power of firefighters
It is a suit that let fire-fighters clip the accessories with the suit

The new skeleton will surely increase the performance of the fire-fighters in running, walking and climbing. It comes with the facility to unload the weight in order to lessen the burden of the fire-fighters. The weight of the exoskeleton is 23 kg and measures average man’s height. A lithium battery is attached with the suit that can last up to 2 hours. Exo-skeleton comprises of two actuators and sensor units on the backpack of the fire-fighters while each joint accommodates 10 actuators. The suit is controlled by a computer that is in the main frame built onto the waist of the firefighter.