colours of Johammer 1

Electric bike That Can Give You A 125 km Ride Without A Recharge

One of the major issues of electric vehicles is the maximum distance they can travel before recharging. Recharging your vehicle again and again is not only annoying but also time consuming. Now, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer is trying to solve this problem of battery autonomy. With this new technology it will be possible to roll your bike up to 125km without a recharge. The bike is named as Johammer J1 electric bike. Bad Leonfelden based company Johammer has designed this electric vehicle.

A hub electric motor, which is almost noiseless, is fitted into the rear wheel of the bike. This 11 kilowatt motor is able to provide a power of almost 14 hp (horsepower).  The bike can attain a maximum speed of 75miles per hour.  The motor works on the principle of induction. A coil inside the motor generates the rotating electromagnetic field which induces current in the outer part of the motor and it starts moving with the rotating  electromagnetic field. This outer part is connected with wheel which also starts moving. This hub motor does not require any axles or heavy gear train for the transmission of motor torque. This reduce weight and improves the efficiency.

Johammer Rechargeable Bike
Johammer J1 can travel up to 125 miles without recharging the battery Battery
J1. 100, J1. 200
Top View of Johammer. It is available in two Models in Terms of its  range i,e. J1. 150 and J1. 200
Rear Wheel of Johammer
Electric Motor is Mounted at the Rear Wheel of the Bike
Structure of Johammer
Basic Structure of Johammer Bike where the Motor is mounted at the Rear Wheel

Side mirrors of the bike come with a high definition display that show the speed and the distance travelled by the bike. The Aluminum made stiff middle framework of the bike has also the capacity to accommodate the battery packs.

Mirrors of Johammer
High Resolution Mirrors provide you the range and the speed
colours of Johammer 1
Johammer is Available in 5 colors

Presently, this bike is available in five colours including yellow, white, silver, blue and green. At the moment there are two options available in terms range and battery capacity: J1.150 with a range 93 mph and 8.3 kwh battery, J1.200 with a range of 125 miles and 12.7kwh capacity. J1.150 costs around US $ 31600 while J1.200 costs about US $ 34500.