Caring For Your Watch: 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Watch

Most people will agree that one of the most valuable possessions they have are their watches. Watches are the ultimate accessory when you want to look cool, you want to look formal, or you want to look stylish. A watch is more than a tool to tell you the time; it’s a piece that can say a lot about you.

Similar to shoes, people can get hints of your personality by looking at your style and, most importantly, your watches. In a world where first impressions can often last, it’s crucial that we look good. One way of doing that is by wearing a watch. However, watches aren’t immune to normal wear and tear.

If you don’t take care of your watch, it’ll look old or worse; it can even break down. To help you take care of your watches, here are ten essential tips to help you take care of your watch:

Remove Your Watch Before Winding

Winding your watch on your wrist can cause significant pressure on the stern. Too much pressure on it can break or bend the stern. This intricate part is the main reason why you should always take off your watch before winding them.

Don’t Use Soap

Clean your watch with a bit damp piece of microfiber clothing so you can remove stains easily. Don’t use soap to clean your watch as the soap can get into the tiny parts of your watch. Soap can also contain corrosive chemicals that can hurt the looks and function of your watch.

Change Straps Often

Most of the time, people forget that the strap is also an essential part of the watch. Changing straps preserves the quality of the strap itself. Another benefit you get from changing straps is to avoid damage to the main body of the watch.

Don’t Play With Your Watch

Most of the time, people often go to the efforts to prove a watch is durable. Like almost every stuff on this planet, watches can also get damage. There are lots of stories where people test their watches to the limit.

Some put them in freezers, and others drop them from the top floor. A watch can only endure so much. Try to enjoy and use your watches the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t worry about the durability of your watch if it’s a genuine watch. No company will sell a watch that doesn’t meet its standards.

Smart watches from different companies
Different Smart watches


If you don’t know how to take care of your watch intricately, you should have it serviced. Having your watch serviced is comparable to taking your car to a mechanic for an annual checkup. Not only does your watch get checked up for any problems, but you also get it cleaned.


Watches are valuable items that everyone should take care of. Whether it’s an Omega Seamaster or part of a lineup made up of iconic watches, every watch deserves your attention to shine where it truly belongs: On your wrist.