Proxy server

The Important Features And Use Cases Of Good Data Center Proxies

Data center Proxies are intermediate proxies which are not provided by the ISP rather they are provided by a third party corporation. They sit between a personal computer which acts as a client and a server network. Hence, they provide a high level of reliability, speed and anonymity to the client while accessing the server network, when compared to the normal proxy servers.

data center proxies

When the client visits a website, the data center replaces its IP credentials with its own proxy IP credentials.

The important features of good data center proxies are:

  1. High performance: The data center OS must be multi-threaded to provide high performance and efficiency.
  2. Dynamically refresh IP address: With the fluctuating demand and circumstances the data center must be able to refesh Proxy IP addresses dynamically as per requirement.
  3. Multiple IP allocation: Multiple IP addresses must be available for simultaneous authentication and usage.
  4. Multiple geographical locations: The data center should be geographically spread around the globe to increase diversity, reliability and data speed.
  5. Availability Of dedicated IP addresses: These IP address are specific to a client and not used by anyone else, hence they give a higher level of anonymity as compared to shared proxies.
  6. Multiple subnets: The proxy IP addresses must be divided into multiple subnets, so that if a subnet is detected and banned IPs in other subnets continue to function.
  7. Complete anonymity: All the client signature headers in the IP packets must be changed to ensure maximum anonymity.
Web Scraping

The data center proxies have many important use cases:

  • Ad Verification: The data center proxies allow you to check and verify if the ads displayed on your pages are genuine, thus you can block suspicious ads placed by hackers.
  • Brand Protection: Using anonymous access from different to your brand pages, you can verify if there are no redirects to fake pages pretending to be your brand.
  • Web Scraping: Nowadays, a popular way to to study and analyze your competitors is through web scraping. Using proxies with IP rotation, you can massively scrape the data from your competition web pages in a fast and anonymous manner.
  • Market price monitoring: You need anonymously and automatically monitor the prices of your competition, so that you have a competitive advantage to keep your client coming back.
  • E-mail Protection: Each day a significant number of e-mails arriving on the network of an organization have malwares or malicious attachments. Using proxy based e-mail solution, all the incoming e-mails are first checked by proxy servers for malicious content.