BarkBuddy: An App like Tinder Swipe for Dogs’ Match-Up

Tinder’s swipe system will be used to find pets in your locality. BarkBuddy is an app developed by BarkBox to find the pets in your area. You can swap quickly through the pets available in your area to find the best one you like.

Tinder’s swipe system has served millions to find out the potential dates across the world but who knew one day it could be used to find pets? An app called Bark Buddy has developed to find the pets for pet lovers in their locality. You can swap quickly through the pets available in your area to find the best one you like. The app is even able to provide the canine preferences. The firm behind the app BarkBox is a New York based firm that claims it to be the first one of its kind.

Barkbuddy app to find dogs
An App to find the pets in your area
Buddybark app
Looking for a potential date? Not for yourself but for dog with BarkBuddy, find the most suitable pet

The app lets you swap through pictures of multiple dogs specifying their different aspects and also improve the search. The firm Barkbox behind this interesting app also gives a graphical view of the most famous breeds and their specifications like age, sex and size. You can locate the most suitable one and then contact the owner. The app also displays few popup events to let the users know about important updates. According to the firm, “Browse through thousands of pup profiles, you can get more info about a pup, share it with friends, or save your favorites, Set up a meet and greet, and get the tennis ball rolling on adopting your next best friend!’ the firm boasts.”

BarkBuddy app
Swipe through multiple pictures and select the best you like
barkbuddy an app to locate pet
Barkbuddy is developed by a firm taking an idea from a pet show held last summer in LA and NYC

According to the firm, the concept is taken from a pet show held in LA and New York City last summer. The firm gathered information from the people of such taste and started working on an app. The idea worked tremendously and 80 dogs were adopted in first 4 days of launch. After a week 8 million swipes have been observed and more than 300,000 dogs are on the list.

Pup app
Within a month, about 50M swipes have been done and interestingly a user has swiped 20,000 photos of dogs
locate dogs in your area
Whether you need a Husky or a German Shepherd, just go for Barkbuddy to find in your area

These results have even astonished the firm which is on the way to 50M swipes within a month. The firm says one user has swiped about 20,000 profiles. Henrik Werdelin says, “We learned that if we presented these pups in a way that showed their true value we could vastly increase the chance they’d get adopted.”