Forget plates and bowls

Bake.A.Dish Can Make Kitchenware With Bread to Hold Food

Partying at home is awesome idea and worth enjoying but the problem of washing the remains of a party is somewhat annoying. It is also an issue when one gets back to home and finds every plate and utensil dirty and un-cleaned. A new invention of Bake.A.Dish will hopefully eliminate this problem forever. The new invention is able to make the kitchenware with the bread which can hold the food whether it is curry or soup. Thanks to the new invention for saving our time and from the annoying job of dish cleaning.

The new machine is able to make plates and bowls up to 16 inches in diameter and let you eat the bowl at the end. It looks a bit funny but it’s really yummy. The app controlled gadget is able to calculate the size of the plate on the basis of calories needed by a user. This project is an invention of the industrial design student named Saeed Rahiminejad. Saeed’s invention is included in Electrolux Design Lab 2014 awards while he is looking for funding to launch it commercially. Rahiminejad, aged 26, is from Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Forget plates and bowls
Make Plates and Bowls With Bread using Bake.A.Dish
App to bake plates and bowls
An Iranian student has made the wonderful invention to solve the problem of washing plates and bowls
The bowls and plates baked by the gadget can hold food even kurry and soup

According to the inventor, “The product is aiming at personalizing your dinnerware, making a more sustainable alternative to disposable dinnerware and adding a fix of fibre to one’s daily diet. By customizing the size of the food dishes according to one’s special needs and adding a controlled amount of fibre and carbohydrates to the diet it promises a healthier eating lifestyle.” He explained the way two shape-shifting molds make different sized bowls and plates. All you need is just flour and water in order to make a bowl or a plate. It would be interesting to know how beautifully Rahiminejad devised the way to hold the liquid. He did not reveal the secret of this fact.

The inventor says it is solar powered machine and requires less water as compared to washing a plate or a bowl so it is economical as well as eco-friendly. It makes the machine a sustainable solution with fun.