Airbus Envisions A Virtual Reality Helmet For Its Passengers

Airbus Envisions A Virtual Reality Helmet For Its Passengers-1

A curious patent filed by Airbus shows a kind of headphones with built-in screen that would allow passengers to watch a movie while being completely isolated from the surrounding noise and even breathing other perfumes.

The Airbus designers’s have filed a patent for a headrest that reminds us of virtual reality helemets. It could not only stream movies and music but also enable passengers to smell differently for relaxing. Fairly simple drawings of this recently filed patent by the manufacturer show integrated headrests of the seats, which are reminiscent of the hair dryer helmets used by the hairdressers for ladies. However, unlike blowing dry air, they offer insulation from the outside sensory environment.

The novelty as compared to  current virtual reality helmets, like Oculus Rift, is that it also offers olfactory isolation. According to the specification of the patent, using a system of ventilation inside the headrest, perfumes and odors can circulate inside the helmet.

Airbus Envisions A Virtual Reality Helmet For Its Passengers-
This diagram shows the idea of Airbus engineers: passengers can switch the headset attached to the headrest and slip their head in it. They will then see a movie or play a video game, and may even, smell perfumes. The passengers will have a remote control at their disposal that will allow them to adjust the temperature and intensity of the air.

Although, the device is jusr in the conceptual stage right now but we hope that ultimately, it should also offer holographic 3D images and videos.  When approved by the aviation authorities we think it will become a must for all the passenger planes. Would you like to travel in a plane with this type of headrest?