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A New Tattoo Based Technology To Secure Your iPhone Data

To effectively secure your smartphone data in case of loss or theft is rather a complicated task. Researchers have now found a way to make your phone inaccesible when it falls into the wrong hands: a tattoo stuck on your wrist! We explain everything in detail.

Our smartphones contain a large part of our virtual lives and confidential information such as our banking codes. The methods currently in use for the purpose include using code to unlock the screen. Yet studies show that a significant proportion of users do not use it. After a few more or less successful attempts of various leading companies in this regard, a very practical solution has been found by the group Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products Group.

Regina Dugan left Motorola last year to work in Google. She started working on the concept of using a sticker to unlock the smartphone. The sticker serves as temporary tattoo and has a specific chip inside it. Today, these stickers are available for sale and each has a life of about 5 days.


These stickers do not work for the moment with the smartphone Moto X and have a fairly standard spiral design spiral. The tattoos may not be the best in the market but still it can save your confidential data. Stickers are sold in packs of 10, this saves you from buying one every week. Be careful not to expose them to moisture as it significantly reduces their lifespan.

The best place to place the sticker seems to be under the wrist, but you can put it on any part of the body where it is easy to put the phone. To unlock your phone, you just have to put the back of your smarphone on the tattoo, and access will be allowed. Although a small inconvenience, you must first turn on the screen before you can unlock it. When your phone is in standby, you have to press a button before placing it on the tattoo. Finally, the process does not take less time than typing a conventional code or drawing a particular pattern. It also requires use of both hands and sometimes we do not adopt new technologies as we are used to the old ones.

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A New Tattoo Based Technology To Secure Your iPhone Data-

This tattoo based security technique looks very interesting. Some of our friends think it to be a good idea while others believe that the current methods are equally effective and less burdensome. Phone companies still must certainly look for the development of the safest methods. Would you like to adopt this new method to secure your smartphone data?