A Father Photographs The Impressive Fight Of Her Daughter Against Cancer For 3 Years

When the daughter of Mark Cox, named  Sarah, was diagnosed with  lymphatic leukemia (blood cancer), he decided to make a series of photographs entitled “Strong”. This series of photographs depicts the fight of his daughter against cancer. These pictures tell the touching story of her battle against cancer, at every stage of the disease. 

1. “Just Hangin ‘Around”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah makes the trampoline with his grandparents. Although she was already suffering at the time, she still did not know she was sick.

2. “Hope”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Photo taken one day before receiving the diagnosis.

3. “Rocking the Pain Away”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

During a session of chemotherapy. Sarah chose to put a bandana instead of wearing a wig.

4. “Covered Head”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah is wrapped in the robe of his father to stay warm.

5. “Sarah to the Rescue”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah in a 911 truck (U.S. emergency) during a party hosted by his group of oncology. She wears a spine support after having nine fractures of the spine. Sarah said that picture is her favorite.

6. “Rescuing Sarah”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah shows her love for animals hugging a Golden dog in the hospital.

7. “Falls A-Fallin’

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah in the garden of the house at the end of her chemotherapy sessions.

8. “Coming Around Full Circles”

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah back to health.

9. “Just Hangin ‘Around” (Hanging out)

Sarah Fight against Cancer

Sarah is healthy again and is delighted to make the trampoline.

Mark Cox also proposes to fund his project to exhibit his work and show the “face of cancer” and the strength needed to fight  it. We find Sarah very courageous in light of all the suffering she endured.