A 3D Mirrors Can Help You Explore Your Internal Body Organs And Bones

3D mirror by Art Installation

The history of mirrors spans over thousands of years. They are as old as the human being themselves. The advent of 3D technology has revolutionized many fields and how could the mirrors remain unaffected by it? Now you can also have 3D mirrors and using them it is also possible to see your internal organs and bones. In fact, this 3D mirror has an X-ray vision.

This 3D art installation project is in fact a digital mirror called “primary intimacy of being” which recreates the inside of the human body. The movements of the person can also be monitored with this mirror. So, you can see your inside while moving. An exhibition of this technology was made in Paris where people were for the first time were able to see how their body looked from inside and their reaction was analysed. This mirror will also be presented in a computer-human interaction conference in Canada. According to inventors, the glass will help the people relate with their body structures.

3D mirror by Art Installation
3D art Installation has Created a 3D Mirror through which You can even see your Bones and Internal Organs
Primary Intimacy of Being
Mirror is Given the Name as “Primary Intimacy of Being “
Gender Recognition in 3D mirror
Gender recognition helps in determining whether the person is male or female

The PET scans, X-rays and MRI scans are used by the mirror to get the details about the anatomy of a person in high resolution. This whole process takes about 3 and a half hours to complete. Similarly, other persons who did not have these scans can also see how their internal organs would look like using Anatomy of persons with similar body structure. The size of the mirror screen is 165cm and it uses Microsoft Kinect’s motion-capture camera to capture the movements of the person standing opposite to the screen.

Aaatomy by CT Scan,PET Scan
PET Scan, CT scan and X-rays are used together to get Anatomy of People in High Resolution

The inventor has done this experiment on thirty people who were able to see themselves alone in front of screen for three minutes. One third of the people were uncomfortable to see their exposed images and they even tried to cover their exposed bodies. Well, it was natural according to the inventor Mr. Xaveir Maitre.

Old Concept of Self Conscious
Self-Conscious is not a New Concept, its Roots might be Found in Greek Mythological Character Narcissus

The inventor says the reaction of the people was as same as a kid who is not sure whether the projection in the mirror is himself or not. The concept of self-conscious is too old and goes back into the times of Greek character Narcissus. Some people also named it as nudity. The inventor is making plans to make it more real by introducing the beating heart and moving lungs effect. Though it is an artistic work but can play an important role in medical.