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5 Technological Inventions of Last Decade Worth Writing About

Students are constantly assigned different types of papers. Therefore, they need fresh ideas for their writing more than most. Writing about technological inventions can be quite interesting. However, if writing brings so much trouble for you, you can get anonymous writing help. If you are confident in your writing skills, you can check out what technological inventions will make good subjects for papers

1) iPhone

It is a common belief that Steve Jobs changed the smartphone industry. If the iPhone wasn’t invented, maybe we would have been walking around with a PDA. And although the first iPhone appeared more than 10 years ago, these smartphones began to really influence the market from the fourth model – since 2010.

2) Social networks

If LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram did not appear, we would still communicate with our closest friends and acquaintances – in the real world, the circle of contacts is usually not more than 150 people. And, of course, it is not just about thousands of friends and followers. Hundreds of birthday greetings are unnatural, but they are nice to receive just the same! And how convenient it is to publish a vacancy on a social network and quickly solve work tasks in the chats. The latest news is still there, albeit not verified. Communication, dating, and relationships can also be found on social networks.

3) 4G

4G has equalized the capabilities of the mobile Internet with fixed access to the network. The speed of 4G is enough to watch a movie in 4K resolution, stream videos, and upload photos from the cloud. We started working more remotely more often, relying on the fact that heavy email attachments would be uploaded via 4G shared from a smartphone. People are so used to the fact that all this can be done on the go or even from the car on the freeway, so it is very annoying when the connection is lost. But 10 years ago, we couldn’t even think about this scenario.

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4) Machine learning

Although real AI is still a long way off, neural networks and machine learning have already changed our lives greatly. Modern voice assistants would not be possible without ML. All these commands of “set the timer for 3 minutes” and “turn on the light in the living room” we would say into the void. We would get in traffic jams, not knowing where to take the better route. We wouldn’t receive frighteningly personalized ads on social networks. We would get drowned under tons of spam in our email. We would spend more time searching for information, especially in pictures and videos. And loans would still take much longer to be approved.

5. Cloud services

Cloud services rightfully make this list of inventions. Without convenient access to computing resources, which can be quickly obtained for little money, where would we store files, photos, and backups? High-speed Internet access, a place in the cloud, and computing power in the past ten years have only become cheaper. And this could not but make cloud services popular.

You can choose one of these inventions or write about all of them in your paper. The main thing is to make proper research of the chosen topic. Good luck with your writing!