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5 Popular Marketing Apps for Real Estate Agents

Internet and technological advancements have made it practically viable to run a business from a mobile phone screen. These days, it is possible to run a prosperous real estate business with only a smartphone. However, it won’t be easy.

You’ll need to utilize all available resources, including employing the appropriate applications. With the wide array of real estate marketing apps, getting one that suits you the most is not always easy. This article discusses the top five real estate marketing applications that will make your experience easier. They include:

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a service for real estate postcards with affordable cost and excellent design options. There is no minimum order quantity for Wise Pelican’s real estate postcards, which cost 75 cents including mailing. You can order one dozen or two thousand postcards.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can profit from utilizing Wise Pelican. This application makes it simple to extract all relevant information from a postcard. You can develop a template from the start or edit any current template you desire.

Their postcards are of the jumbo size and designed by specialists. Their design process begins with Adobe InDesign and concludes precisely how the client wants it. Wise Pelican enables real estate brokers to target a certain area, select a radius, and strategically market to that area at a professional level.

You can also construct a “do not mail” list that removes directory listings from the mailing list, regardless of whether they are within a given radius. While this app is very effective and reliable for realtors, some agents find it overwhelming because of its many features and functions. Still, it is one of the best marketing apps for real estate agents.


Redfin is a real estate app that provides buyers and sellers with a comprehensive range of services. It is geared toward homeowners and people considering purchasing a home but would rather work with an agent than try to buy or sell a house on their own.

The Redfin website offers all of the capabilities available through the Redfin app, except for one or two. For instance, the mortgage calculators offered on the website are not accessible on the app.

Utilizing a mobile device to navigate and manage your real estate search is much simpler when using the Redfin app. This is a fantastic alternative to consider for casual consumers interested in perusing the most recent real estate listings.

You can discover all the search features that you would want in a top-rated real estate app in Redfin. Redfin’s mobile application excels in its ability to personalize your browsing experience. For instance, you can save any listing that entices you by clicking the heart icon.

Alternatively, you can “cross out” a listing that fails to satisfy your requirements, preventing it from appearing in future searches. This is a feature that many popular real estate applications lack.

If you shop with a friend, you can quickly share your favorite properties via email, social media, or text message using the Redfin app. When you find a desirable home, you can use the in-app contact form to get in touch with a Redfin real estate agent or partner agent who can answer any inquiries.

You may also contact customer support to arrange a physical or virtual tour. Moreover, the Redfin app keeps a list of the homes you’ve toured, ensuring that you don’t keep browsing the same homes repeatedly. You may also view upcoming open houses and save them to your app’s calendar.

Additionally, you may see a list of recent open houses you’ve attended. However, the app is not without disadvantages. One of its primary disadvantages is that it does not have rental listings. This is a disadvantage because some individuals want to rent homes, not buy. Also, the fact that the in-app features are fewer than those on the website is a downside.


BombBomb is a social media marketing tool that lets you make short videos and post them to sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, providing a beautiful preview of your listing. If you want to share your bombs on other sites and blogs, you can do so.

Live stream videos are another option to generate more compelling material. One of the primary disadvantages of BombBomb is that you must have a mobile phone to use it. Additionally, the app limits users on the number of videos they can share per month, limiting a realtor’s ability to market their property. is one of the leading online apartment listing websites that offer renters access to over one million units for rent. The app is supported by a large professional research team always ready to help.

Their team makes over one million monthly calls, collecting and verifying availabilities of properties, rental rates, policies, and more vital information. It offers users a drawing tool that allows them to define their search area on the map.

You can use the app on Android or iOS. While the app has many advantages, such as its filter does not allow one to filter on move-in date, and it does not include the people who had previously rented a property.

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite is a progressive, easy-to-use email marketing software for real estate marketing agents. Its interface is available in five languages and has support agents from all over the world. They have a mobile app, but it is only available on iOS.

This app is an excellent option because it is free to use, and you don’t need to be an expert in using it because it is quite easy to use. Its deliverability is top-notch; with it, you can be sure that your emails will get into your subscriber’s inbox.

The only issues are the free plan does not have a landing page template, and reports on the free plan are not detailed enough. Still, it is an excellent marketing app for realtors.


You can use the Zoom app for marketing your real estate properties. Having the Zoom app on your phone is quite handy because it allows you to book meetings directly from your phone. If you need to clarify or demonstrate something, you can share your phone’s screen with another person.

Zoom allows you to share payment computations, RPR statistics, and other information directly from your iPhone with clients. In addition, a video conference is more personal than a standard phone call or text message.

For you and your client to be able to interact face-to-face strengthens your relationship, which is beneficial when seeking referrals and reviews in the future.


Real estate is a competitive sector, and it can be tough to choose where to find the most effective marketing services. This is why we have compiled a list of five creative apps that will help your business succeed. The app that we discussed includes Zoom,, Wise Pelican, BombBomb, and Redfin.