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The Pros And Cons Of Smart Lock Solutions

Smart locks are all the rage these days, and you must be wondering whether they live up to the hype. This excitement is undoubtedly warranted, considering how far humans have come in the quest for smart devices that can ensure the safety of our valuable possessions. But while smart lock solutions have many benefits, they also have certain disadvantages that you must not overlook. 

Therefore, before installing a smart lock solution in your home, it’s best to familiarize yourself with its pros and cons. It is vital, even though smart devices, such as digital lock solutions, are one of the most popular consumer trends in recent years. If you’re on the fence about whether to get the regular locks such as lock hasps or smart lock solutions, look no further. Here’s a guide outlining the pros and cons of smart locks to help you decide whether getting one is the right move for your security needs.   

Pros Of Smart Lock Solutions

If you’re tired of the hassle of losing your keys or spending a couple of minutes each day looking for your keys to enter your home, smart lock solutions might be ideal for your needs. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a result:

1. Going Keyless

One of the biggest advantages of installing smart locks is going keyless. The system will automatically unlock the door when you approach, which means that you can get in with just a tap on your phone. Therefore, you need to hold your door to open it and use your smartphone to lock it remotely once you’ve entered your home.

With smart lock solutions, you no longer need to use keys. It also saves you the hassle of finding somewhere to hide your spare key or giving a few to your close friends or family members in case you misplace the ones you’re currently using.

2. Smart Home Connectivity

Another advantage of installing smart lock solutions is that they offer you smart home connectivity. That is because some locks can integrate with other smart gadgets in your home. As a result, these locks can seamlessly interact with smart systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home to offer you easy control over them.  

With all the smart devices in your home interconnected, you can create a seamless, smart lifestyle throughout your home by accessing the ability to control all of your locks from one convenient location. It gives you peace of mind while providing safety and security features for yourself and your family.

3. Convenience  

They allow you to lock your door from anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about it before running out the door. It can be especially helpful if you forget to lock it while checking the mail or grabbing something from the car. You get to enjoy this convenience because smart lock solutions allow you to automatically open and lock systems through biometric readers or your smartphone.

Smart lock solutions also provide easy access to your home, which comes in handy when rushing to work or in an emergency. All you need to do is click on your smartphone to enter your home.

4. Peace Of Mind

Smart lock solutions give you the peace of mind that your home and valuables are safe. These locks do this by enabling you to monitor your door remotely, meaning there’ll be no need to worry about leaving your front door unlocked when leaving for work or going on holiday. You can also set up alerts if an intruder tries to break in or if you forget to lock the door when you leave.

So, with smart lock solutions, you’re guaranteed to enjoy peace of mind since you know your home is protected from intruders and burglars.

5. Enhanced Security

Installing a smart lock solution allows you to know who is entering your home remotely. And should you see anyone who shouldn’t be in your home, you can activate the alarm before any of your possessions get stolen. After that, you can change the codes in case hackers find a way to get your access code.  

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Cons of Smart Lock Solutions

Although smart lock solutions have numerous appealing benefits, they aren’t perfect and have a couple of downsides. Here’s a look at the most common disadvantages of getting smart lock solutions:

1. Potential for Hacking

Smart Lock Solutions help you keep your home safe and secure by eradicating the issue of lock picking. However, this doesn’t mean they’re invincible, as these locks in today’s world of increased cybercrime activities are prone to hacking. It means these locks aren’t as safe as they were in the past, with hackers becoming more sophisticated with each passing day.  

Once a hacker accesses your digital fingerprint, they can open your lock without ever breaking into it. They can then steal your valuables without risking any physical damage to your padlock.  

2. Expensive To Install

Smart locks are expensive compared to traditional lock-and-key solutions and systems because they require complex hardware and software. It also involves a lot of wiring, which can be messy and unsightly and requires you to hire specialized contractors. These professionals don’t charge cheaply for their services. Therefore, be ready to spend a significant sum of money to install these smart lock solutions.

On average, the price of smart lock solutions starts at USD$100 and can be as high as USD$300 for a single door. It is a significant price difference compared to the standard locks. In addition, these locks have batteries that need to be replaced regularly, costing you an extra sum of money.

3. Dependence On Networks, Power Supply, And Smartphones

Smart locks work by communicating with smartphones either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When your phone gets lost, stolen, or its battery dies, you might not have a way to enter your home, especially if you didn’t have a backup plan.

In addition, smart locks don’t work during a power outage because your home’s Wi-Fi isn’t working. You’ll thus be locked out of your home because the remote unlocking feature, which requires a Wi-Fi connection, is disabled.


Before installing smart lock solutions, it’s best that you first weigh their pros and cons rather than make a hasty decision you might later regret. Remember, you’ll be entrusting this lock solution with guaranteeing your safety and that of your loved ones and your precious belongings. It will not be an issue after reading this in-depth blog post detailing the pros and cons of smart lock solutions. Therefore, you’re in a much better position to judge whether the smart locks are an ideal pick for your home.