recyclage palettes bois 26

33 ingenious tricks to transform wooden pallets into original furniture

Recycling is a good way to furnish your home at a lower cost. Imagine, tinker, and decorate … In addition to being economical, the reuse of used material allows you to create a cozy, functional and personalized home. And we are far from imagining all that we can do with these simple wooden planks. We presents 34 clever ways to give new life to wooden pallets.

A book holder 

recycling pallet-timber-2

Bathroom furniture 

recycling pallet-timber-3

A coat hook

recycling-timber pallet-1

A cat bed

recycling pallet-timber-7

An original sofa 

recycling pallet-timber-8

A wall light 

recycling pallet-timber-10

An outdoor bar with stools 

recycling pallet-timber-12

A wall-mounted pan holder 

recycling pallet-timber-4

A bike rack 

recycling pallet-timber-14

Garden chairs

recycling pallet-timber-15

Jewelry storage

recycling pallet-timber-17

A playful cabin for children  

recycling pallet-timber-30

A shelf 

recycling pallet-timber-18

A log rack 

recycling pallet-timber-20
recycling pallet-timber-22

Interior decoration

A planter

recycling pallet-timber-23

A wall flowerpot holder 

recycling pallet-timber-24

A terrace

recycling pallet-timber-25

A stair

recycling pallet-timber-26

A small path

recycling pallet-timber-27

A shoe rack

recycling pallet-timber-28


recycling pallet-timber-32

A chair 

recycling pallet-timber-13

Wall shelves 

recycling pallet-timber-34

A box spring 

recycling pallet-timber-36

An indoor table

recycling pallet-timber-5

A small indoor bar with storage for glasses and bottles 

recycling pallet-timber-6

A bottle rack 

recycling pallet-timber-37

TV stand

recycling pallet-timber-29

Something to inspire recycling enthusiasts. Like what, the only limit that exists in DIY, it is the imagination!