17 Unbelievable Photos Show Mobile Phones Mark End Of Humanity (Photo Gallery)

We consider mobile phones and currently smartphones as a necessity of our day to day life. Most of us believe that it is a breakthrough in communication that has greatly facilitated us in connecting to our friends and family. However, these photos show that mobile phones do not necessarily help to strengthen the relations between people.  

1. These old friends who gather around a brunch to remember the good old days

Old friends gather on a brunch but spend time on mobile phone

2. These people who meet for the first time and whose relationship seems set to continue

First date of two people and we expect their relation to continue

3. These baseball fans encouraging their favorite team

Instead of encouraging their team he is lost in using mobile

4. These friends share a delicious pizza made in Brooklyn

Friends enjoy delicious pizza using mobile phone

5. This wonderful family thanking the Lord for his blessings during Thanksgiving

On thanksgiving everyone is busy on mobile

6. These friends discussing life, love and other things around a dinner

Friends discussing love and life on dinner but busy on mobile phone

7. This brother and sister sharing emotional reunion

Mobile phone ruins emotional reunion of brother and sister

8. These completely amazed by the beauty of the works exhibited in this museum visitors

Using Mobile phone instead of enjoying beauty of meuseum

9. This ready to party at this outdoor barbecue torque

Doing barbecue with mobile

10. These impatient moviegoers watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster

Mobile is more attractive than a movie

11. This friendly teenager taking a picture of an event he absolutely does not want to forget

A teen wasting time on  mobile by taking pictures

12. These young people celebrating as it should be a birthday

Mobile is more important than a birthday

13. Love and youth in their most beautiful form

Youth and love at their best

14. These two friends are about to have luunch

Two friends enjoy meal on mobile phone

15. This loving father holding his toddlerwith particular love

Father ignoring kids because of mobile phone

16. This young man watching a beautiful sunset from the screen of the tablet

Man watching sun set on tablet screen

17. This adorable baby is already familiar with the technology tools

A baby born with knowledge of technology

It seens like mobile phones and tablets are a true obstacle to the social relations. Have you ever been through such situation?