Amazing Art Using Empty Drink Cans (Photo Gallery)

You bought a can of a soft drink, you had drunk it and thrown it in a bin, you haven’t thought that this “can” can be used in making cool things. However, after viewing this article you will come to know that how some creative minds  recycle them into amazing art.

A Japanese artist made different heroes and super heroes who appear in video games like Batman, Mario, Yoshi, Darth Vader and Pikachu from the used cans of soft drinks, energy drinks and beer drinks. Go through these pictures and check out the creativity.

Amazing Can Art--unicon gandam robot

Amazing Can Art--pikachuu

Amazing Can Art--ultraman

Amazing Can Art--mario made from cans

Amazing Can Art--maria made from cans

Amazing Can Art--doberman made from cans

Amazing Can Art--darkvador made from cans

Amazing Can Art--bazu from toystory made from cans

yoshi the little dino