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12 Atypical Cities That Exemplify Human Creativity In Architecture (Photo Gallery)

The human mind has a capacity for incredible creativity, especially when it comes to places designed for living. We take you from the life in today’s bustling cities to the discovery of 12 places having totally atypical architecture. Discover without delay!

1. Vardzia – Georgia

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Vardzia - Georgia-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-1

Vardzia - Georgia-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-6

Aside from a small group of monks, the cave city of Vardzia is now abandoned. At its peak in the Middle Ages, the town included thousands of homes and a complex irrigation system.

2. Masdar City – UAE

Masdar City - UAE-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-

Masdar City - UAE-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-5

Masdar City - UAE-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-3

Masdar is a new futuristic eco-city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates . Still under construction, the city plans to incorporate ultramodern green technologies.

3. Setenil de las Bodegas – Spain

 Setenil de las Bodegas - Spain-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-4

 Setenil de las Bodegas - Spain-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-8

 Setenil de las Bodegas - Spain-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-7

Setenil de las Bodegas is a small city with many buildings and homes built on the rocky overhangs located in the region. It gives a unique urban landscape to the area.

4. Monsanto – Portugal

Monsanto - Portugal-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-9

Monsanto - Portugal-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-14

Monsanto - Portugal-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-10

Located on a mountain, Portuguese village of Monsanto has its homes built on the rocks and the cliffs.

5. Alberobello – Italy

Alberobello - Italy-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-11

Alberobello - Italy-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-12

Alberobello - Italy-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-13

Alberobello is famous for its “trulli”, the unique houses built using limestone with a distinctive conical roofs. This construction technique of “trulli” dates back to prehistoric times.

6. Huizhou – China

Huizhou - China-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-19

Huizhou - China-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-18

Huizhou - China-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-17

A Chinese real estate development company recreates the Austrian village of Hallstatt in the Chinese city of Huizhou, recreating the European architecture in China.

7. Goreme – Turkey

Goreme - Turkey-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-15

Goreme - Turkey-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-16

Goreme - Turkey-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-20

Goreme is located in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey. This region is known for its many of unique rock formations. The valley around this area juxtaposes the modern architecture with traditional towns and villages carved into the rocks of the valley.

8. Seaside – Florida

 Seaside - Florida-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-21

 Seaside - Florida-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-23

 Seaside - Florida-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-22

Seaside is a community located in the peninsula of Florida. It is famous for its precise proportionate architecture and design specifications. It is also well known as the shooting location of the film The Truman Show.

9. Songdo – South Korea

Songdo - South Korea-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-26

Songdo - South Korea-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-24

Songdo - South Korea-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-25

The City of Songdo truly be regarded as a modern technological city. It has underground pneumatic tubes to transport waste and all the city is connected by the videoconferencing facility. In addition to that the city also contains the replicas of Central Park,  Venetian canals and Parisian boulevards to attract residents. The city will be fully completed in 2015.

10. Coober Pedy – Australia

Coober Pedy - Australia-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-27

Coober Pedy - Australia-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-28

Coober Pedy - Australia-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-29

Australian mining town of Coober Pedy is so hot in summer that half the city moves underground to escape heat. You can find hotels, restaurants, churches and private residences, all located underground.

11. Longyearbyen – Norway

Longyearbyen - Norway-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-30

Longyearbyen - Norway-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-31

Longyearbyen - Norway-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-32

Located on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in the middle of the Arctic, Longyearbyen is one of the most remote cities in the world. The city has a ban on burying the dead on the island because the cold temperatures prevent the corpses to  decompose. Anyone who dies in Longyearbyen must be transported to the mainland to be buried in his final resting place.


12. Petra – Jordan

Petra - Jordan-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-33

Petra - Jordan-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-34

Petra - Jordan-Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-35

The city of Petra was established around the sixth century BC and eventually became an important place in the trade routes linking Asia and Europe. The entire city is carved into the cliffs including homes, government buildings and places of worship.

These places are really exotic! We loved the city of Petra , which is straight out of another planet. Which of these cities would you most like to visit?