This Amazing R2-D2 Will Come To You And Provide Fresh Drinks-1

Many would have dreamed of Owning a functional R2-D2, capable of running and issuing its iconic "beep", that's indeed something many only dream of. But why not increase the pleasure if R2-D2 further includes a real refrigerated compartment for drinks? [...]

15 Most Surprising USB Designs From The Geek World-3

Nowadays, USB memory sticks have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is difficult to live without them. There is no reason not to link them with the geek culture. Some manufacturers have embarked on the project [...]

15 Fun Facts About LEGO That Will Blow You Away-11

Now, LEGOs have been in use since several generations and you are perhaps those who still play with it today. We share with you 15 unusual information about this famous Danish brand! 1. In 2012, the company produced 45 billion [...]

Boeing Files A Patent For A Force Field Shield From Star Wars-

Boeing, the world re-known aircraft manufacturer, is working to conceive and realize an intangible electromagnetic shield to protect military vehicles from the shock waves of explosions. A patent has been filed, but the implementation is complex. In Episode 1 of Star [...]

Parents Fulfill Last Desire Of Their 4 Year Old Son By Offering Him A superb Star Wars Funeral-

Aged just 4 years, Jack died of a brain tumor which was unfortunately inoperable. He was a staunch Star Wars' fan. His parents fulfilled his last wish by offering him a moving last farewell funeral in the colors of the Star Wars [...]

A Humorous Dad Turns Everyday Life Of His Little Boy Into A Real Action Movie (Video)-1

Thanks to modern technology, a dad uses the video editing softwares to turn the everyday life of his boy into an action movie. We can see the little boy playing with a lightsaber, taking off to the moon from a [...]

Super Geek Sweaters For Winter Holidays-3

Whether you are a geek or just a fan of geek clothing , in either case, these Christmas sweaters will certainly make you happy. After all, why Yoda, Ninja Turtles or Pac-man could also not embody the magic of the winter [...]

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