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You Can Finally Eat Chocolate Sculpture Of Your Face Using 3D Printing Technology (Video)-4

A British start-up has developed the first 3D printer capable of modeling the chocolate into a face portrait! We make you discover this innovation that will indeed awaken your appetite. Would you like to eat your own portrait made ​​of [...]

Gigantic Sculpture Made Using 3D Printing 2

Technical marvels related to 3D printing continue to amaze us. A team of researchers who are both architects and computer programmers have been able to make a sculpture entirely using 3D printing. Quickly discover the most complex architectural artwork in the [...]

Disfigured by a poacher, a sea hawk has regained the use of his beak! All thanks to the perseverance of A passionate engineer and the innovative use of 3D printing to give the sea hawk a brand new beak! With the [...]

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