The Top Ten

What are the tallest ten skyscrapers of the world? What are their heights, number of floors, and location? In order to answer these questions please see our amazing photo gallery of the world's tallest sky scrapers. However, prince Alwaleed Bin [...]

With the unavoidable and imminent growth of human population there is a strong need for new housing projects, cities and transportation means. This article presents top 15 such major innovative urban projects of future from around the world. This project [...]

The human beings have always fantaisized building tall and high buildings. A good testament to this fact is the springing up of new sky scrapers and towers around the world. These building are hundred of feet high and can easily [...]

A new Forbes report has revealed the top 10 most visited cities of the world. In the last few years the travel related expenses have risen sharply due to inflation and the rise in fuel prices. However, despite of all [...]

There is a saying that nature has not created anything useless in this universe. This is specially true when we see that every creature on the face of the earth plays its role in the ecosystem of the earth. Whenever, [...]

Modern Technological developments have enabled the realization of the long time aspired human desire for a car without driver. The car will be driven automatically using a computer. This car is expected to enter the market in coming decades. Currently, despite [...]

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