Robot waiter

Robots have been suffering from a misconception brought on by science fiction – people expect them to look like human beings, when in fact they can and do look like anything, thanks to the magic of motion systems. Lots of [...]

Tehnology To Save Planet: Drones To Be Used For Planting Trees--2

  While humans have ravaged forests for years without worrying about the consequences, it has become essential for the survival of the planet to replant trees worldwide. And for that, why not use drones? Replanting trees and forests is essential [...]

37 Illustrations That Indicate How Technology Degrades The Purity Of Landscape--25

Many artists are interested about future in their artistic creations. Ubiquitous robots, a dehumanized world, all hypotheses can be envisaged. Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag imagines in his drawings a future populated by large robots in snowy scenery . We present the extremely [...]

Atlas-This Humanoid Robot Has Exactly Same Movements As Humans--4

Mankind is certainly at a crucial stage of the robotic revolution. A subsidiary of Google has designed an amazing robot with remarkable agility and a great sense of balance. We present this invention that could change the world in a [...]

Amazing Drone That Can Fly, Float and Dive Underwater To Make Sea Rescue Missions--4

Drones have not finished amazing us. Developed by the research laboratory of the American College of Oakland, the Loon Copter can both fly, float and dive underwater. Thanks to his many talents, the latest prototype is semi-finalist of the Drone [...]

These Intelligent Robots Would Use Ultraviolet Light To Kill Germs In Hospitals-2

The Center for Disease Control reports that 100,000 Americans die each year from infections, called "super bugs", that they catch in the hospitals. Fortunately, there is now a new germ exterminator robot that will revolutionize medical centers. We tell you [...]

Swarms Of Revolutionary Transwheel Robots Can Collaborate To Carry Heavy Parcels-1

Transwheel is a unique drone which can either operate alone or in collaboration with other robots to transport loads.  Transwheel design is unique as it moves using a single self-balancing wheel. In order to pick up and transport loads, it [...]

Ultimate Pet Drone That Moves Around With A Leash And Takes Selfies-2

A Zurich-based startup wants to change the impression of drones by designing Fotokite Phi drone. It can be regarded as a friendly drone that has a leash just like a pet. Thanks to its leash it is more safe and [...]

For The First Time An Astonaut On ISS Controls A High Precision Rover On Earth-4

Scientists of European space agency have taken a giant step in using high-precision robots remotely.  Andreas Mogensen is danish scientist who while stationed in ISS performed this experiment. From a distance of 400 kilometers from earth surface he manually controlled [...]

A New SUPER DRONE With 54 propellers Takes To The Skies-1

'Super Drone' that uses 54 propellers is the brainchild of a British inventor. It has an ability to carry a maximum payload of 148 kg and obviously it includes the human being onboard. It has the flight time of 10 [...]

This Cost-Effective But Advanced Robotic Hand Helps Amputees Improve Quality Of Life-

The high cost of the robotic prosthetics makes them prohibitive for many people. Now a Plymouth based start-up is trying to change that by making a 3D printed robotic hand that is low-cost yet can perform advanced finger movements. Here, the [...]

These Ingenious prostheses From 19th century helped 15,000 People Regain Mobility-11

Over the years, the design and manufacturing of the prosthetics for the handicapped have considerably evolved. James Gillingham, a simple shoemaker, is regarded a pioneer in this field. He started manufacturing prostheses in the nineteenth century. In addition to that, [...]

After some unpleasant falls in the recent "Robo Olympics" Google's Atlas has rebounded. In one of recent videos, we can see the 6ft 2in robot walk through the forest keeping its balance despite the challenging terrain. We can also see [...]

A Researcher Spends Time As A Goat In A Herd And The Reason Would Certainly Disturb You-

Thomas Thwaites 34, is a researcher from London who wanted to live a simple life. As a part of his efforts he lived for three days pretending to be a goat in a herd of goats in the Swiss Alpes. [...]

Aerius: Axis Designs World’s Tiniest Quadcopter Size Of A Quarter-

With the advancement in technology, quadcopter drones are getting more sophisticated with increase in size, durability, speed and reliability. While the market leader like parrot and DJI are competing to make bigger and faster drones there are some companies that [...]

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