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Making the portraits of the deceased has been common for many centuries. However, it was during the reign of Victoria I that industrialization resulted in affordable means of post-mortem photography. Following the invention of the daguerreotype, great ancestor of the camera [...]

Erik Johansson is a gifted Swedish artist based in Berlin, Germany. He is a software engineering by training. His skills for digital retouching of the photos has earned him recognition as a skilled artist. He has shown a special talent [...]

It is said that, "A picture is worth a thousand words," . This saying is particularly true for recently launched Google project called  "timelapse". The time-lapse satellite images of the past 28 years have been used to show how the expansion and development [...]

The majority of the passengers consider the landing and taking off as the most difficult moment of their flight. This moment becomes particularly terrifying when runway is very short or the geographical conditions are extreme. This airport provides a unique [...]

The web is full of images from that are touched using soft wares like Photoshop. Here we present a collection of spectacular images that have received no retouching. For example, a  few months ago, a cat created a sensation on the web [...]

Dubai is famous for its tourism as it has many wonderful tourist locations. It is located in the south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. In 2007,  Dubai ranked number 8 in the list of countries places most [...]

Not content to simply plant their rice like any other farmers in the world, Japanese Farmers have indeed wanted to show a little more imagination in their rice planting by converting them into works of art. The plantation replicas of the [...]

Nick Veasey is undoubtedly a unique artist as he departs from the traditional way of photography and uses X-Rays to take the images. Its is evident that these photographs show the intimate relationship that man and machine have come to [...]

There is a saying that nature has not created anything useless in this universe. This is specially true when we see that every creature on the face of the earth plays its role in the ecosystem of the earth. Whenever, [...]

Today, there are dozens of abandoned cities where for various reasons, people had to leave their native homes behind. This is a selection of 20 such deserted cities from the four corners of the world. The human being has been [...]

The selection of 20 of the most strange places from around the world is presented here. The photographs surprise us with some of the most unusual behaviours of the nature.  For example, when we see the Lake Rebta in Senegal, [...]

The Photography is a profession that requires lots of patience. This is particularly evident from the work of Matt Molloy. His work shows some real talent in photography and rendering photos as magnificent as possible by super imposition of multiple images.  The photographer [...]

With the evolution of modern technology, it is difficult to find films that do not contain special effects.  Looking back few decades earlier, it is interesting to know how these special effects were produced in the film, without modern computer and graphic [...]

This is an amazing compilation of houses that are built hidden in nature. Such houses have many advantages. They always maintain their moderate temperature in all the seasons. A man can live in harmony with nature, away form the hastles of the [...]

An aurora (also known as aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) is a luminous display of colours in the night sky, predominatly of green colour. Auroras are caused by the interaction between the [...]

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