The 20 Of the Most Strange Places In The World (Gallery)


The selection of 20 of the most strange places from around the world is presented here. The photographs surprise us with some of the most unusual behaviours of the nature.  For example, when we see the Lake Rebta in Senegal, the question comes to our mind why its colour is pink. The scientific explanation is that color comes from Algae and high salt content in water.  Similarly, we are surprised when we see the zigzag trail behind a big stone in the Death Valley, California.  Scientists still have not been able to provide a clear explanation as to how this stone weighing hundreds of pounds was moved 200 feet from its initial position in the first place.
Equally impressive, is “Blood Falls” in Antarctica. The vision of this reddish water is amazing and looks even macabre just like a crime scene.  When scientists discovered this place in 1911, they initially thought it was a seaweed that had colored the ice red.
Finally, one of the most strange places in the world is certainly in New Zealand. Underground caves of Waitomo River are probably the most amazing place. When tourists are moving around in a boat, they can contemplate a glittering ceiling which seems like a starry sky.

Rocky, Desert Landscape Coyote Buttes Paria Canyon-Vermillion, Arizona, USA

                            Rocky, Desert Landscape Coyote Buttes Paria Canyon-Vermillion, Arizona, USA

Luray Caverns In Virginia, United States Of America
Wind-sculpted chalk rock formations in the White Desert of Egypt.
Waitomo: New Zealand’s Glow-worm Caves
Salt Mounds Of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
A Strange Stone And Its Drag In Death Valley, California, United States
The mosaic pavements located in Tasmania
Cave of Crystals in Mexico
The “Devil’s Ball” in Australia
Spotted Lake In British Columbia
The rocks Of Moeraki in New Zealand.
Eye of the Sahara Desert Located In Mauritania
The Silfra rift That Separates Betweens Two Continents And Two Tectonic Plates
The Canos Cristales en Colombia known as “the river of five colors”
Socotra islands scenery in Yemen
The Stone Forest In China
Marble Quarries In Chile
The “Blood Falls” Of Taylor Glacier In Antartica
The Deep Pink Coloured Lake Retba in Senegal
The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island in the Philippines. This place Consists of 1,268 Cone-shaped Hills Of Similar Size


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