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50 Cool Windows XP Wallpapers In HD For Free Download

Beautiful Windows XP wallpapers for the lovers of Windows XP. All of these wallpapers are in high quality and high definition. They have a resolution of 1920x1080px (1080p).  You can use them as background for your tablet, laptop and desktop.

Windows XP is an important part of the history of the computers. Indeed we should thank Bill Gates for this amazing gift of creativity that is very useful for us. What can be a better tribute to this quite useful operating system than to use these windows xp wallpapers as the background of your device. Indeed due to its user friendliness, many users love it. Most of these wallpapers have beautiful Windows XP logo in them.

The Windows XP system has been criticized for its instability and its vulnerability to malware, computer viruses, Trojan horses and other worms. These security issues are compounded by the fact that users receive, by default, administrator privileges that grant unlimited access to the foundations of the system. Thus, if the account is hacked, the hacker has unlimited control over the computer. Windows has historically been the target of many virus creators. A security vulnerability is often invisible to operator, which makes its prevention difficult. Nevertheless many people love it due to its user friendliness. The beautiful color combinations of these wallpapers is just too attractive. Some of them are Windows xp default wallpapers.

These Windows XP wallpapers have been handpicked by our staff and we hope that you would definitely find them useful. Do let us know about the cool wallpaper of your choice in the comments. If you think we should include any other awesome wallpaper in the list do let us know.