Debian Linux Wallpaper 34

41 Amazing Linux Wallpaper/Backgrounds In HD

Here is the most elegant selection of 41 Linux wallpapers for the lovers of this unique operating system. All of these wallpapers are in High Definition with a resolution of 1080p, that is, 1920 x 1080px. You can download them for free and use as the background of your widescreen PC, Laptop, iPad.

Lovers of Linux very well know that Linux is an operating system just like Windows or Mac OS X. It belongs to the UNIX family, large competitor of MS-DOS, which also includes BSD, Solaris, and even Mac OS X. The users of windows know that when someone buys a software like Windows, he buys an executable file, and you will never have access to its source code, which remains a manufacturing secret. Basically, you have a black box: you know what goes into it, you know what comes out, but in between, you do not know the technologies that are used. With Linux all this changes Linux is an open source software in which you have the access to the source code. Thus, you not only have the control over the complete operating system but it also opens up numerous possibilities for improving it and adding new features to it. This approach only dates back to the 1990s: for example, the first Macintosh were provided with a comprehensive manual including source codes.

In the the world of open-source soft wares you download the executable, but you also have the access to source code. You can analyze, study, correct, edit and redistribute the software. Apart from the advantage of being free it also opens up unlimited possibilities in terms of creation and innovation (the programmer can develop his work from an existing software and therefore save time), publication of the source code allows anyone :

to check for malicious code in the program (virus, spyware, …)
to study the reliability of the code (security vulnerabilities)
correct if any flaws.

Certainly the lovers of Linux who love all these benefits of Linux would definitely love to have Linux Wallpapers on their device. For all such people here we present 41 most elegant Linux wallpapers. To download a wallpaper of your choice simply click on it to enlarge it to full resolution. Then you can download it and set as the background of your device. Please let us know about the awesome wallpaper of your choice in the comments.

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