cell shaped house

Will This 3D Printed Tiny Cell-Shaped House Resolve The Student Housing Problem?

3D printing is undergoing incredible advancement in almost every field. Whether you talk about army equipment or if you want to build a home, 3D printers are there to help you out. Using the same technology, a concept of affordable living is introduced by the students of US and UK. They have envisioned a tiny 3D printed home especially for youth who are struggling hard for accommodation in Europe and US, nowadays. The youngster will be able to live in a cell-shaped small home which occupies very small space. This project is being made with a mutual cooperation between University of Huddersfield and university of California. The team is led by an architect and Professor Peter Ebner.

tiny house
A tiny 3D printed home especially for youth
3D printed tiny house
The house can be molded into a spring mattress and a small door is used for entrance and exit

The area occupied by the tiny cell-shaped house is only 50 square foot. The tiny house came into being as a result of a project named as “Small Transportable Living.” The aim of the tiny house project is to provide small, portable and cheaper homes. Portability in fact means they can be mounted anywhere you want around the world. They can also be placed at places where normal homes can’t be built. The house can be molded into a spring mattress and a small door is used for entrance and exit. You can enjoy multimedia services using its projector. All the stuff is 3D printed.

cell shaped house
Cell-Shaped Tiny Home came into being as a solution to Housing Problems
Mount your home anywhere
You can Place it Anywhere you want to

For lightening in the house, a small hole is kept on the top. A small extendable kitchen is also provided with this house, enough for two people. A toilet is mounted on the wall which can be opened when needed. These 3D printed homes are provided with every facility including electricity, heating system, sewage and multimedia services. Heating system and sewage are not 3D printed yet. The architect is not willing to commercialize his product as he thinks it is designed to give an idea of what is possible.

3D printed home
Every Part of the tiny house is 3D printed

Some Chinese company is interested in printing these homes on a large scale but it is not confirmed yet.  A display of these tiny homes is being made in a city street. These tiny portable 3D printed homes can solve the problems of housing very easily and efficiently at low price. The designer sees its future as a solution to the housing issues in near future.