When Google Street View comes to the end of the road …(Photo Gallery)

Have you ever wondered the places in the world where roads are terminated? Well, we present to you a list  locations where roads end and gives way to the ocean.

Alan Taylor, is a manager of a popular website In Focus. He recently spent time sometime on Google Maps in order to find the limits of roads. Inspired by GeoGuessr , Taylor said in an interview that he has  always been attracted to the road dead ends. Roads that could go on no more because of geography or international borders.

1. South of New Zealand

End of the road South of New Zealand

After the Milford road there is a part of the National Park Flordland .

2. Kaimu Chain, Hawaii

End of the road Kaimu Chain, Hawaii

Eruptions of Kilauea volcano that covered the road in many places.

3. Sund, Norway

End of the road Sund Norway

A village at the end of road.

4. Sha Tau Kok in Hong Kong

End of the road Sha Tau Kok in Hong Kong

Carrefour, which marks the entrance to border control between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

5. Sand Island, Midway

End of the road Sand Island, Midway

6. South Tyrol, Italy

End of the road South Tyrol, Italy

Melago a valley.

7. Cape Agulhas, South Africa.

End Of the Road Cape Agulhas, South Africa

8. Houston, Texas

End Of the Road Houston, Texas

Large sculptures of U.S. presidents.

9. Baja California, Mexico

End Of the Road Baja California, Mexico

The rocks’ s El Arco de Cabo San Lucas that can be seen between the buildings.

10. New South Wales, Australia

End Of the Road New South Wales, Australia

A lighthouse near Byron Bay .

11. Hong Kong

End Of the Road Hong Kong

Ocean Park , an amusement park located in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island.

12. Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

End Of the Road Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

13. Whittier, Alaska.

End Of the Road Whittier, Alaska.

A ruined building abandoned after service during World War II

14. Sao Miguel, Azores

End Of the Road Sao Miguel, Azores

The Blue Lagoon  located in a crater of volcano on the island of Sao Miguel .

15. Canada

End Of the Road Canada

A straight road that extends into the trees a little further.

16. British Columbia

End Of the Road British Columbia

17. Macau, China

End Of the Road Macau, China

Temple  Kun Iam Temple .

18. Svalbard, Norway

End Of the Road Svalbard, Norway

The bust of Vladimir Lenin abandoned.

 19 . Avenida Beira Mar, Brazil

End Of the Road Avenida Beira Mar, Brazil

The most easterly point along Avenida Beira Mar , the Atlantic coast of Brazil.

20. River Mae Sai, Thailand 

End Of the Road River Mae Sai, Thailand

21. Juneau, Alaska

End Of the Road Juneau, Alaska

A view of the Chilkat Range through the Lynn Canal from the capital Juneau.

22. California

End Of the Road California

The volcanic crater  Ubehebe in the national park of the Valley of Death.

23. New Zealand

End Of the Road New Zealand

24. Norway

End Of the Road Norway

Nordkaphallen , a 4-storey building hidden in the rock.

25. Inuvik, Canada

End Of the Road Inuvik, Canada

Beautiful landscapes that instigate us to explore what is beyond. Unless it leads to fall from a cliff! Does it not make you desirous to go  and see for yourself what’s beyond these roads?