A man makes a wonderful coffee table using birch logs-4

What This Guy Did With Birch Logs Is Truly Incredible

Apart from the simple case of assembling the legs of a table, making high end furniture like a couch or a sofa is often a very difficult. Sometimes, the result is a total mess and you get something that is totally unexpected. You get extremely frustrated. However, in order to avoid such situation, you can make something like this which is simple to make but useful in daily life.

Instead of wasting your time on something that is difficult and commonly mass produced, you are making something that is innovative, elegant and unique. All that you need is the access to some sanded grout, pieces of plywood, wood glue and birch logs. Here is what you have to do step-by-step. All the images are credit of Better Homes and Gardens.

Cut the plywood to make a larger base and attach it with a rather smaller plywood box

Now glue the birch logs on the baseboard, along the outside perimeter of the box

Now close the opening of the box with another piece of plywood.

Cut small but equal-sized pieces from the birch logs and glue them on the upper side of the plywood baseboard.

Now the empty spaces between birch log pieces can be filled with grout and smoothed out.

A man makes a wonderful coffee table using birch logs-6

Now, you can attach wheels

Now, after necessary decorations your coffee table is ready!

(source Better Homes and Gardens)

We are simply blown away with this DIY project. It is quite simpler than many of the hectic furniture projects, yet it is quite fanciful. Would you like to read to do this project yourself?