Using This Bracelets Nostalgic Astronauts Can Take Earth Smells To Space-

Using This Bracelet Nostalgic Astronauts Can Take Earth Smells To Space

With the revolutionary bracelet “Senti8”, now it is possible to take your favorite smells with you. Even it is possible to take them with you to the space. 

Keep your favorite smells with you and take them to infinity and beyond. It is now possible thanks to the Senti8. This bracelet is specially designed for nostalgic astronauts who are homesick. Isolated in space, far from their beloved Earth, they can use this bracelet to smell the scents that they long for. The scent of their beloved one, the aroma of food cooked by their mother, the fragrance of the forest they walk, the smell of wet earth after a storm. Just a pat on the wrist to release evocative scents. Designers of Senti8 had the ingenious but simple idea to modify the operation of an electronic cigarette. The project won the 2014 NASA Space App Challenge: a successful take-off! Discover the pitch video that will embalm your life:


No doubt this invention will be a pleasant addition to the lives of astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS). Would you like to but this bracelet?