This floating house was 3D printed in just 48 hours

Recently, 3D printing has proven to be crucial in the fight against the coronavirus. In Italy, for example, 3D printing has saved lives by solving the shortage of respiratory valves in hospitals . In terms of technology and innovation, 3D printing does not stop surprising.

But speaking of the prowess of 3D printing, Presse-Citron reports that 3D printing can be used both to make small and large objects. And when we talk about large objects, we are talking specifically about a floating house.

This is happening in the Czech Republic and this surprising idea – called the Prvok project – was born from a partnership between the Erst group and Michal Trpak. The objective is thus to ” design the first floating house from a 3D printer  “. But beware, this house can be put not only on land, but also on water! And, more importantly, it only takes 48 hours to build, and this technique would cost you half the cost of building a traditional house.

The project thus aims to “ forever change the construction industry ” by avoiding the waste of materials but also by making the construction of housing more affordable.