The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-9

The World’s 17 Most Costly Substances

Whenever you think of luxury and wealth, it is always the gold that comes to our mind first. The gold has been the defacto standard of trading and currencies. However, although the precious metal is among the most expensive in the world, there are many other more expensive materials according to their weight. We make you discover the list of 17 most rare and expensive materials on our planet.

1. Palladium

 Palladium-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-

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This transition metal is widely used in the manufacture of catalytic converters, but also jewelry and watches. Sometimes it is used to replace platinum in the field of chemistry.

Price: 7.2 dollarss per gram

2. Saffron

Saffron-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-

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Saffron flower is used as a cure for depression and also painful menstruation cycles. It is also a popular spice sometimes called as”white gold.”

Price: 11.13 dollars per gram

3. Gold

Gold-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-1

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Very common in jewelry, gold is also used a conductor in ICs and is known to be resistant to be non-corrosive.

Price: 56.73 dollars per gram

4. Rhodium

Rhodium-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-3

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Rhodium is a metal that is used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in engines.

Price: $58 per gram

5. Platinum

Platinum-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-2

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Platinum is used as a catalyst in many chemical reactions. It is also a popular metal in jewelry and a component of drugs against cancer.

Price: $58 euros per gram

6. Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-

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This drug has a very addictive effect and often produces a euphoric reaction.

Price: $58 per gram

7. Rhino horn

Rhino horn-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-4

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Rhino horn is a reputed cure for cancer or fever. Its trade represents a real danger for the animals concerned.

Price: $110 per gram

8. Heroin

Heroin-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-5

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This drug can be snorted, injected, or even smoked. It is known to alter the subconscious. The consequences are often disastrous: coma, convulsions …

Price: $131  per gram

9. Cocaine

Cocaine-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-7

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Drugs is used to provide energy and even courage. It develops a strong addiction.

Price: $215 per gram

10. LSD

LSD-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-6

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Very famous from the 60’s, LSD is known for its hallucinogenic properties.

Price: $3000 per gram

11. Plutonium

Plutonium-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-9

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This radioactive metal is used in nuclear power plants, as well as, making nuclear bombs. Bomb dropped on Nagasaki used Plutonium fuel.

Price: $4000 per gram

12. Painite

Painite-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-10

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This gem is considered the world’s rarest. Some believe in its healing qualities.

Price: $9000 per gram

13. Taaffeite

The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-8

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This purple mineral is deemed a million times more rare than diamonds. It is very difficult to find it in jewelry.

Price: between $2500 and $2000 per gram

14. Tritium

Tritium-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-12

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This material is used as an illuminating substance and used to send emergency signals.

Price: $30000 per gram

15. Diamond

Diamond-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-11

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This rare variant of carbon exists in several colors. The colored diamonds are more expensive than transparent.

Price: $55000 per gram

16. Californium 252

Californium 252-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-13

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This isotope was produced only once since its discovery. It is extremely rare, but has no real value.

Price: $27 million per gram

17. Antimatter

Antimatter-The World's 17 Most Costly Substances-14

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Considered “as the inverse of the matter”, this strange substance could be used as fuel for spacecraft of the future. It remains to find a viable way to produce it.

Price: $62.5 trillion per gram.

We are really impressed by the prices of all these substances. It is particularly strange to note that the tritium is widely used in our daily lives although it is one of the rarest materials. Did you know that these minerals and chemicals are so expensive?