The Top 50 Most Beautiful Scenic Places In United States (Photo Gallery)


The United States is one of the biggest countries of the world that contains many beautiful landscapes. Today we present a collection of top 50 most beautiful images of United States in 50 different states. Amazing images!

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1. Monte Sano State Park in Alabama

 Monte Sano State Park in Alabama
Photography by Wes Thomas

2. Mount McKinley (or Denali) in Alaska

Mount McKinley (or Denali) in Alaska
Photography by bimiers2

3. The horseshoe of the Colorado River in Arizona

 The horseshoe of the Colorado River in Arizona
Photography by Luca Galuzzi

4. Whitaker Point in Arkansas

Whitaker Point in Arkansas
Photography by Jeff Rose

5. Yosemite Park in California

Yosemite Park in California
Photography by David Kingham

6. The Maroon Bells in Colorado

The Maroon Bells in Colorado
Photography by Alistair Nicol

7. The Young’s Pond in Connecticut

The Young's Pond in Connecticut
Photography by slack12

8. Port Mahon in Delaware

Port Mahon in Delaware
Photography by Jeffrey

9. The natural reserve of cypress in Florida

The natural reserve of cypress in Florida
Photography by Brian Koprowski

10. The Wormsloe Historic Site in Georgia

The Wormsloe Historic Site in Georgia
Photography by Trey Ratcliff

11. Waipio Valley in Hawaii

Waipio Valley in Hawaii
Photography by Paul Bica

12. Little Redfish Lake in Idaho

Little Redfish Lake in Idaho
Photograph by Charles Knowles

13. Blackjack Road, Illinois

Blackjack Road, Illinois
Photographed by ταηjεεr

14. The Cub Lake in Indiana

The Cub Lake in Indiana
Photography by David Cornwell

15. Clayton County, Iowa

Clayton County, Iowa
Photography by Todd Elhers

16. Cimarron National Grasslands, Kansas

 Cimarron National Grasslands, Kansas
Photography by BlackburnPhoto

17. The Indiana Fort mountain in Kentucky

The Indiana Fort mountain in Kentucky
Photography by Jim

18. Oak Alley Plantation, Lousiana

Oak Alley Plantation, Lousiana
Photography by Prayitno

19. Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine
Photography by Kay Gaensler

20. Exit 52 of Route 40 in Maryland

Exit 52 of Route 40 in Maryland
Photography by Nancy Frost

21. Houghtonville in Massachusetts

Houghtonville in Massachusetts
Photography by Kae Gaensler

22. Lake Michigan to the clouds

Lake Michigan to the clouds
Photograph by James Marvin Phelps

23. Minnehaha Falls Minnesota

 Minnehaha Falls Minnesota
Photography by Todd Kehrberg

24. Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Missisippi

Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Missisippi
Photography by Roger Smith

25. Lake Taneycomo in Missouri

Lake Taneycomo in Missouri
Photography by Drew Bandy

26. The Glacier National Park in Montana

The Glacier National Park in Montana
Photography by Trey Ratcliff

27. Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park

Photography by Rich

28. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Photograph by James Marvin Phelps

29. The White Mountains in New Hampshire

The White Mountains in New Hampshire
Photography by Ben Ferenchak

30. Silver Falls Stray in New Jersey

Silver Falls Stay in New Jersey
Photography by Nicholas A. Tonelli

31. The Manzano Mountains of New Mexico

The Manzano Mountains of New Mexico
Photography by Doug Aghassi

32. Central Park in New York

Central Park in New York
Photography by Christopher Schoenbohm

33. The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina
Photography by Kay Gaensler

34. Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota
Photography by the.waterbird

35. Ash Cave in Ohio

Ash Cave in Ohio
Photography by Bryan Oelsen

36. The Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma

The Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma
Photography by Daniel James

37. Lower Kentucky Falls in Oregon

Lower Kentucky Falls in Oregon
Photography by Loren Kerns

38. Pine Creek Gorge in Pennsylvania

Pine Creek Gorge in Pennsylvania
Photography by Nicholas A. Tonelli

39. Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Photography by Rawhead Rex

40. Landsford Channel, South Carolina

Landsford Channel, South Carolina
Photography by Ken Fager

41. The Badlands National Park in South Dakota

The Badlands National Park in South Dakota
Photography by Keith Cuddeback

42. Mount Cammerer in Tennessee

Mount Cammerer in Tennessee
Photography by Michael Hicks

43. The Wild basin, Hamilton, Texas

The Wild basin, Hamilton, Texas
Photography by Dave Wilson

44. Thor’s hammer in Utah

Thor's hammer in Utah
Photography by Luca Galuzzi

45. Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont

Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont
Photography by Susan Cole Kelly

46. Pembroke Virginia

Pembroke Virginia
Photography by Dmitry Lyakhov

47. Tipsoo Grasslands, Washington State

Tipsoo Grasslands, Washington State
Photography by Michael Bohlander

48. The Hawks Nest Bridge in West Virginia

The Hawks Nest Bridge in West Virginia
Photography by VaMedia

49. The Rock of Gibraltar in Wisconsin

The Rock of Gibraltar in Wisconsin
Photography by Ron Wiecki

50. The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming
Photography by Jon Sullivan

BONUS: Washington DC

Washington DC
Photography by Michael Huey

Beautiful photographs that aptly illustrate the hidden treasures of American landscapes. Between mountains, rivers, dense forests and endless plains, there is something for everyone. It makes you want to escape! Which of these places would you visit? You can use limo find to get more information to visit these beautiful places.



  1. sajid ch

    i love and i like these all pic i want come here soon with my beautiful wife and my hand same son and my preety daughter thanks

  2. Hossein

    ohhhh…myyy Godd…they’re really inexpressible…it’s my only dream just to visit and die in USA ….

  3. Chris

    Don’t forget to add

    Crater Lake National Park
    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (waterfall on beach)

    If you want to add some waterfalls

    Burney Falls State Park
    Multnomah Falls Oregon
    Silver Falls State Park
    Salt Creek Falls (Oregon)
    Sol Duc Falls Washington
    Snoqualmie Falls

    Other Places

    Fort Point San Francisco
    Otter Crest Scenic View Point Oregon
    Ruby Beach Washington
    Hoh Rain Forest Washington
    Mono Lake

  4. sana

    Ohhhhhh,my god.I should admit that AMERICA is really beautiful i hope one day i will see there .thanks



  6. Kay

    I can’t believe this article didn’t include Zion National Park in Utah! That place is the most beautiful sceneries in the western United States!

  7. Alexandre

    They didn’t even include Monument Valley!

  8. August

    What about Zion’s in Utah and Arches too?

  9. bigbendgirl

    hellloooo u forgot big bend national park in Texas! one of USA’s most iconic landmarks

  10. celcia

    I was very amazed that all those pic were very beautiful.In this i like so much wild basin,mount cammerer,colorado river,blackjack road,silver falls,young pond,central park and marroon bells. !!! colorado river it was really nature built it. I think so.AND VERYVERY CENTRAL PARK WAS BEAUTIFUL.I CAN”T SAY ANY WORDS ABOUT THIS REALLY I WAS AMAZED.BYE

  11. celcia


  12. Dave Wilson

    You may like to correct the caption on #43. It is “Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas”.

  13. nhi

    it is my all life dream that come to one of these with my relatives

  14. Maria

    I was hoping to see Shoshone Falls on here ?

  15. Joe

    Interesting California redwood forests were not included

    Not like you’re going to find those majestic trees anywhere else

  16. Ethan

    Really out of all places in minnesota you pick a little piddley Park in minneapolis… what about eagle mountain, gooseberry falls, anywhere in the 4 million acre superior natl forest, Lake of woods, anywhere on the north shore of Lake superior, the saw tooth cliffs, pigeon falls, all of those places I just mentioned kick Minnehaha falls ass

  17. manoj gupta

    beautiful country us
    i like this country

  18. Poorya

    Hi my manes poorya lm from Iran. America is so beautiful.
    I like America and your people.

  19. bikash chandra das

    one of the most beautiful sites.

  20. Deian Mountbatten

    Those places on those images from America do look idyllic and the nature vast and wild and beautiful, and I still regret that I haven’t been in the USA yet, and today is 12th February 2016, I’m 50 since 19.11.2015 and wonder if I will ever have the money to see America only once in my life. But how is the civilized human population there, and what if they are caprice like over here in the UK? What could one isolated victim do against their arbitrariness? Regards, Mr. Deian Mountbatten, Basement Flat Rear, 189 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2HJ, UK.

  21. amir

    wove I can tell
    One of the best places that I Wish To See

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