The Most Natural And Original Houses In The World


Houses are personal property and the owners tailor them according to their tastes and requirements.  However, some houses surprise the viewers due to their unique and original design. This article presents 20 such amazing houses. Some of these houses the take the form of an animal or an object. For example, we can see a house shaped as a tortoise and another shaped as a mushroom with sun glass windows. We can also see a house crafted as boat, placed vertically in the ground. The most amazing house still remains the one built as a Korean farmer with his back to the barrels which are in fact the walls of the house. There is another category of houses that does not resemble any object but rather have their own original design. For  example, we can then notice a house in the middle of the river Drina, Serbia, or even the wobbly house designed and built by architect South Korean Do-Ho Suh